Catahoula Cur vs Australian Bulldog - Breed Comparison

Catahoula Cur vs Australian BulldogCatahoula Cur is originated from United States but Australian Bulldog is originated from Australia. Catahoula Cur may grow 21 cm / 9 inches higher than Australian Bulldog. Catahoula Cur may weigh 13 kg / 29 pounds more than Australian Bulldog. Both Catahoula Cur and Australian Bulldog has almost same life span. Catahoula Cur may have more litter size than Australian Bulldog. Catahoula Cur requires Low maintenance. But Australian Bulldog requires Moderate maintenance

Basic Information

Herding dogs
Non sporting dog
United States
Height Male:
56 - 71 cm
22 - 28 inches
45 - 50 cm
17 - 20 inches
Height Female:
56 - 69 cm
22 - 28 inches
44 - 49 cm
17 - 20 inches
Weight Male:
20 - 48 kg
44 - 106 pounds
28 - 35 kg
61 - 78 pounds
Weight Female:
18 - 48 kg
39 - 106 pounds
23 - 30 kg
50 - 67 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 14 Years
9 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
8 - 12
3 - 8
Medium dog
Medium dog
Other Names:
Catahoula Hound, Catahoula Hog Dog, Leopard Dog
Aussie bulldog, Australian Boss dog
Colors Available:
Red- and blue merle, grey-, black, patchwork and brindle
in the shades of brindle like red, fawn, pied, apricot, mahogany, orange, silver
Short and smooth
short, fine coat with a smooth texture
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Affectionate, Alert, Courageous, Energetic, Friendly, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Responsive
Low maintenance
Moderate maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:


catahoula curThe Catahoula Cur is also known as the Catahoula Leopard Dog or the Louisiana Catahoula. The dog hails from Louisiana, United States.

It is thought that the Catahoula Cur or Catahoula Hound as it is also known, used to be a hunting dog. The first settlers in Louisiana needed a strong dog to help them with hunting wild hogs and they bred their dogs with other dogs belonging to the locals. This gave them a strong, resilient dog that could take on the wild hogs and also protect their livestock.

Dogs who have no doubt been brought into the mix to produce the Catahoula Cur are mastiffs, Beaucerons, sighthounds and wolves.They are today more commonly referred to as Catahoula Leopard Dogs.

australian bulldogThe Australian Bulldog was bred from several breeds: The Bullmastiff, English bulldog, the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Boxer. You will notice that his appearance is quite similar to the English bulldog, but this breed has a less-squished muzzle, fewer wrinkles and longer legs. They have great strength with a good thickness of the bone. They are solid and compact breed with good muscle tone.

The head structure of an Aussie Bulldog is one of its main attributes. It is very strong, square shaped with depth and width of muzzle less than a general bulldog. They have some wrinkle across the nose. Eyes are wide apart, large and clean. The jaw is wide and square, with strong teeth.

The name Australian Bulldog was given by Noel and Tina Green, the founders of the breed. They introduced Australian Bulldog to the public in 1998.


catahoula cur puppyThere are varying sizes for Catahoulas and a typical height is 51–66cm and weighing anything from 18 – 51kg. These Cathoula Cur’s come in different colors too, but the leopard-like coat is a dominant feature with this dog.

While there are solid colors, you can expect red- and blue merle, grey-, black, patchwork and brindle too.

The length of the coat varies somewhat too and while the coat is essentially short and smooth, there are Catahoulas where the coat is a little longer and more coarse.

The eyes of the Catahoula Cur are another interesting feature and both eyes can be the same color, but in some instances the one eye can be brown while the other could be blue, green or gray.   The ears of the Catahoula Cur are medium in size and are floppy, dropping down close to the head.


The Catahoula Cur is an intelligent dog and also active and full of sports. You can’t call this dog aggressive, but merely assertive, being strong-willed. He is also affectionate and loyal, loving to spend time with his human family.

He makes a wonderful family pet, complete with children as well as other pets in the home, more so when he has been trained and socialized. These dogs are bright and alert and they also make excellent watch dogs. People who have owned a Catahoula Cur will tell you that these are wonderful pets, full of life and personality.

australian bulldog puppyAustralian bulldogs can be very good companions considering their natural loyalty. They just love to interact with humans and they are rarely aggressive.

They can be taught to be excellent watchdogs. The perfect place to raise this breed would be a house with a yard. The Australian Bulldog is usually dominant toward other dogs in its territory but, with proper training and early socialization, you can teach them to get along with other dogs and pets.

No matter if you are an active single, or you plan to bring an Australian bulldog puppy into the big family, as long as you are caring and loving toward him, he will be an amazing pet.

The Australian Bulldog is not recommended for apartment life. But, you can teach him to live in the smaller space if you tend to respect his daily need for activity. This breed is an indoor dog, and should not be left outside all day in a kennel. The best advice is to raise them in temperate climates since they can’t bear the extreme heat or extreme cold.

Health Problems

catahoula cur dogWhen you buy a Catahoula Cur, you can know that your pet is going to be fairly healthy, however there will be some common health issues to look out for, and by knowing about these health concerns, you can be better prepared.

Typical Infections:

Your Catahoula Cur will be susceptible to some bacterial and viral infections which can be life threatening for him if he gets them. Some of these are parvo, distemper and rabies. That is why it is important to have your pet vaccinated, which can start at about 8 weeks of age for a puppy.


Obesity is a world-wide problem with humans and with their pets and it can open up a whole lot of problems with your pet’s health that he otherwise might not have got. It can play havoc with your pet’s digestion, and it can cause joint problems too.

It can be so tempting to pop a sweet treat into your pet’s mouth because you love him so much, but get to know what foods can actually be hazardous for him.

australian bulldog dogAustralian Bulldog has better health than the English bulldog and its health continues to improve with each generation.

Breathing problems

The pushed-in face causes harder breathing. Be aware that they can’t use the air to cool itself off as quickly as necessary. During the extreme heat, Australian Bulldogs can develop heat stroke and die from it.

Skin problems

Take special care of the wrinkles on their nose. They will require everyday care since wrinkles need to be cleaned and kept dry to prevent the skin infection. Bath the dog only when it is necessary because of too much bathing with soap damages the natural oils in its skin.


The Australian Bulldog, on average, is fed two times a day. They have the high risk of obesity, so there is no real need for more than two meals. Make sure to choose a premium quality food and to feed the dog according to the instructions. Also, they need lots of fresh water since they will be super active pet.

Caring The Pet


catahoula cur puppiesYour Catahoula Cur isn’t a high maintenance dog and a good brushing 2 times a week will keep his leopard coat looking shiny and free of loose hairs.

Catahoula’s have good teeth, and you want to keep them that way by brushing them at least 2 or 3 times a week to prevent dental decay and a host of other medical issues.

australian bulldog puppiesFeeding the puppy and adult: high-quality dog food for active dogs is a must. Do not overfeed them. If you are not sure about the amount of food your dog really needs, please consult a vet.


The Australian Bulldog needs minimal grooming. They should be brushed at least once a week using a firm bristled brush. They shed a moderate amount on a regular basis so there will be loose hair to deal with. Make sure to clip the nails when necessary. They will need a tooth brushing two times a week and checking and wiping its ears once a week.

Points for Good Health: every day long walks, plenty of exercises, special skin care and regular vet check-ups.


catahoula cur dogsCatahoula dogs are the kind of dogs that make perfect family pets as they are all rounders. They’ve got characteristics that everybody wants in a dog. They are naturally protective, even they are not described as aggressive dogs. With training and socialization they get on well with children as well as other pets in the home. He is alert and territorial, which makes him a good watchdog, more so because he doesn’t particularly like strangers.

Intelligent and independent, training makes him wonderfully obedient and relaxed. However, give him the chance for ball games and a walk, and he is more than ready.

He is used to being a guard- and hunting dog, and this makes him an active, energetic dog. You will need to give him plenty of activities if you don’t want this amicable dog becoming anxious, frustrated and destructive.

Exercise him well, provide him with nourishing, top quality food together with fresh water and shower him with the love and attention he deserves as a family member. You’ll also join the ranks of Catahoula Cur owners who want to tell others about what an awesome pet he makes.

Around children

australian bulldog dogsAustralian Bulldog is a breed that will protect their family. They are great during the playtime with children as well. If you don’t have children, make sure you socialize your dog with children while he is still young.

Special talents

They are extremely intelligent. You can teach you Australian Bulldog almost everything in a very short time.


early socialization is a must with the Australian Bulldog.

Learning ability

you should start to train your Australian Bulldog as soon as possible. Positive reinforcement-based training methods are the ones you need to master in order to raise a good Australian Bulldog. They will be trained easily if there is a firm, consistent hand in training and they need leadership role from their owners. They can be taught very easy to be obedient and they love playing games like Frisbee, catch, water activities (but they swim very rarely because of their big and heavy chests), exploring the nature.

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