English Water Spaniel vs Chihuahua - Breed Comparison

English Water Spaniel is originated from United Kingdom but Chihuahua is originated from Mexico. English Water Spaniel may grow 28 cm / 12 inches higher than Chihuahua. English Water Spaniel may weigh 16 kg / 36 pounds more than Chihuahua. English Water Spaniel may live 6 years less than Chihuahua. English Water Spaniel may have more litter size than Chihuahua. Both English Water Spaniel and Chihuahua requires Low maintenance.

Basic Information

Sporting dog
Toy dog
United Kingdom
Height Male:
49 - 51 cm
19 - 21 inches
15 - 23 cm
5 - 10 inches
Height Female:
45 - 47 cm
17 - 19 inches
15 - 23 cm
5 - 10 inches
Weight Male:
16 - 20 kg
35 - 45 pounds
2 - 4 kg
4 - 9 pounds
Weight Female:
14 - 18 kg
30 - 40 pounds
2 - 4 kg
4 - 9 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 14 Years
12 - 20 Years
Litter Size:
4 - 8
2 - 5
Medium dog
Toy dog
Other Names:
Water Dog, Water Rug
Colors Available:
liver and white
Fawn, white and black, tan
dense, waterproof, doublecoated
Short- and long haired
Moderate, Seasonal
Affectionate, Independent, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Stubborn, Territorial
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Docile, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Sweet
Low maintenance
Low maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:


The English Water Spaniel breed is extinct and has been since the early 1900’s. It was last seen in the 1930s. The breed was a hunting breed, diving for duck and hunting other waterfowl. Legend has it that Shakespeare was referring to this breed of dog in Macbeth when he refers to the “water rug”. Again, in Two Gentlemen of Verona one of the character states about another that “She hath more qualities than a water-spaniel.’

The English Water Spaniel came along before the Irish Water Spaniel and had a part in the development the Curly Coated Retriever, the American Water Spaniel and the Field Spaniel. The English Water Spaniel looks somewhat like a Poodle/Springer Spaniel cross or a Collie. It is not known whether the English Water Spaniel was part of the development of the Irish Water Spaniel.

When the English Water Spaniel was first developed the UKC had a “Water Spaniels other than Irish” and the English Water Spaniel had no standard written and accepted for it yet. But by 1967 the breed was extinct. Still the American Water Spaniel and the Flat Coated Retriever are believed to be descendants of the English Water Spaniel.

chihuahuaQuite a bit of the Chihuahua’s history is shrouded in mystery, and there are different versions about its origins.

While historians speculate, most will agree that the tiny dog hails from Mexico. The UK Kennel Club considers the smooth- and long coat Chihuahuas as 2 distinct breeds.It was in 1904 that the Chihuahua became a registered breed by the American Kennel Club.

Chihuahua is actually the name of a state in Mexico, and it is amazing that Chihuahua specimens were found way back in the 1800's already. Today the Chihuahua is a very popular dog breed in several countries.


Resembling the Springer Spaniel, poodle, collie and setter the English Water Spaniel has very little in common with the Irish Water Spaniel in respect to looks. The English has a narrow and somewhat longer head their than other spaniels and they have long furry ears. Their body is stout, and they are shaped like a barrel – more like a Clumber. With long legs and large feet, it is ready to take to the hunt. There coat was waterproof, and their toes were webbed.

chihuahua puppyThe small Chihuahua stands at about 15 – 23 cm and he weighs about 1,5 – 4kg.

You’ll notice that he shivers when he is excited or when he is cold or frightened. Some people buy him a jersey to don on cooler days. With this tiny toy dog, you get a short- and a long coated Chihuahua.

This is the smallest dog breed and his coat is available in a number of colors such as fawn, tan, white and black. It is the dog’s round apple-shaped head which is a distinctive feature. He has erect ears and huge fruit-bat type eyes.


The Chihuahua is such an alert, fun-loving, feisty little dog, and though he may appear to be an ideal pet for children, he actually isn’t. He is too dainty and frail, and a child, during play, could accidentally crush him.

It’s a pity though because he just loves being around his human family. He is also a highly strung dog, and given the chance, he’ll nip and even bite during games. It is why socialization and training are considered important for the Chihuahua.

Just like with children, how you raise and treat your Chihuahua will determine how he turns out. He is such a sweet little dog that training and socialization can remove these unwanted characteristics. He is very intelligent and responds well to training.

Health Problems

The English Water Spaniel is a fairly healthy breed given to some fairly common disorders such as:

Hip Dysplasia

Can lead to lameness and arthritis

Cardiac abnormalities

Arterial fib and flutter and other problems that could lead to death.

Degenerative Myelopathy

This is a disease seem in several “Dwarf” breeds such as Corgis, as well as in many spaniels. This is the canine version of Lou Gehrig’s Disease or ALS and it is fatal.

chihuahua dogThe Chihuahua doesn't have any particular health issues, more so when you get him from a reputable breeder. With good care he can reach 20 years of age.


Known as low blood sugar, hypoglycemia is easily treatable, but if it isn’t caught early it can be fatal.Hypoglycemia makes a dog lethargic and he’ll shiver and could go into a coma. Get him to the vet immediately.


Gastric Dilatation or bloat is when the stomach twists, it becomes enlarged and blood supply is cut off to the stomach. Left untreated, it can be fatal.

Dental Disease:

Chihuahuas are susceptible to dental problems, so you will need to brush his teeth 2 or 3 times a week to prevent tartar build-up, gum disease, loss of teeth and other diseases.

Caring The Pet


The English Water Spaniel is not an overly energetic dog and has a tendency to over eat. Feed him 1 to 1.5 cups of high quality dry dog food over two meals each day.

Health issues

In addition to the health issues mentioned earlier, the English Water Spaniel is also prone to:


Pattern baldness – is genetic and occurs on the neck and back of the hind legs.


English Water Spaniels can have these in old age like most other breeds.

Retinal Dysplasia

Clumps form in the retinal tissue and can lead to blindness

Exercise and games

The English Water Spaniel was a worker and an outdoor athlete at a time before organized canine games and activities such as agility and flyball. They loved to swim, and they loved to hunt. Without a job to do they could become barky and destructive.


chihuahua puppiesAlways make sure to choose a high-quality dog food for your Chihuahua as this will keep him in tip-top health. A healthy Chihuahua can live to be 20 years of age. Speak to a veterinarian for recommendations on the best type of food to feed your tiny pet.

Giving him some home-made food such as brown rice, vegetables and cooked chicken for instance will be a welcome treat for him. Make sure he always has a bowl of fresh, cool water close by.


The Chihuahua may well be the smallest toy sized dog breed, but don’t be mistaken – he has plenty of energy and is constantly prancing around. He is more than capable of living in a small apartment, but even so he needs to be taken outside every now and then for a game or a walk.

Be careful with your small pet though, as too much exercise can lead to elbow- and hip dysplasia.


The Chihuahua is a moderate shedder with Spring being their heavier shedding period. Because of his small size, you won’t be bothered by too much hair. The short haired Chihuahua is easy to maintain and with a rubber brush, you can brush him gently twice a week.

You’ll also need to clip his nails and if you can’t manage this your vet can also help you.


The English Water Spaniel was aloof with strangers but loyal with his hunter. He was a little stubborn and an excellent water dog. They loved being in the water and could enter it without making any noise so as not to frighten his prey. He was highly intelligent and trainable. He also was very affectionate with his people.

chihuahua dogsSmall and feisty, the Chihuahua’s personality isn’t set in stone, and the tiny dog can be either shy and timid or he can be social, confident and jaunty.

They're always loyal and affectionate to their human owners, but they don’t get on too well with- and are wary of small children who aren’t disciplined and who could hurt them.

With his big eyes and big ears together with his comical antics, they can be a source of entertainment for their human owners. He is easy to train too and even though he is small, he doesn’t think he is, and he is willing to use his big personality to make you a loving, loyal and devoted companion.

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