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Alangu Mastiff

Alangu Mastiff is a breed that originates from southern India. Since the very beginning of this breed, it has been used as guard dogs and official dog..

Working dogGiant dogPakistan
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Gull Dong

The Gull Dong dog is thought to come from British Colonial India during the 1900's. The area later became known as Pakistan, and this is where the dog..

Working dogLarge dogPakistan
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Gull Terr

The Gull Terr hails from Pakistan. Having been introduced to the country by the British Raj, the dog has always been valued for its guarding and fight..

Working dogMedium dogPakistan
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Vikhan Sheepdog

The Vikhan Dog is a rare breed that very little is known about. It is not sanctioned by any breed club or kennel club. The breed originally came from ..

Gun dogLarge dogPakistan

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