Sindh Mastiff vs Giant Schnauzer - Breed Comparison

Sindh Mastiff vs Giant Schnauzer - Breed ComparisonSindh Mastiff is originated from India but Giant Schnauzer is originated from Germany. Sindh Mastiff may grow 14 cm / 6 inches higher than Giant Schnauzer. Sindh Mastiff may weigh 20 kg / 45 pounds more than Giant Schnauzer. Both Sindh Mastiff and Giant Schnauzer has same life span. Both Sindh Mastiff and Giant Schnauzer has almost same litter size. Sindh Mastiff requires Low maintenance. But Giant Schnauzer requires Moderate maintenance


sindh mastiff - historyThe Sindh Mastiff or Alangu Mastiff is an ancient breed believed to have been useful for guarding war camps, but today he is both a guard dog and pet.

There isn’t too much information available to us about the origins of this dog but it is thought that they came about from breeding the Indian Mastiff and the Alaunt.

He is likened to the Bully Kutta dog, a huge Mastiff breed from Pakistan. This dog is one of three mastiff type dog breeds to be found around Persia and India. Unfortunately because of its aggressive nature, it has been used for dog fighting.

giant schnauzer - historyAs a working dog breed, the Giant Schnauzer, known also as the Riesenschnauzer, hails from Germany.

It is believed that the first Giant Schnauzers emerged in Bavaria in the 17th century already. It is the largest of the 3 Schnauzer dogs – Miniature, Standard and Giant. There are quite a few breeds which have been used in its development – Bouvier des Flandres, Great Dane and the German Pinscher among other.

The dog was bred to work on farms and also used as a military dog during the World Wars.

Basic Information

Miscellaneous dogs
Working dog
Height Male:
80 - 84 cm
31 - 34 inches
60 - 70 cm
23 - 28 inches
Height Female:
80 - 84 cm
31 - 34 inches
60 - 70 cm
23 - 28 inches
Weight Male:
62 - 68 kg
136 - 150 pounds
25 - 48 kg
55 - 106 pounds
Weight Female:
62 - 68 kg
136 - 150 pounds
25 - 48 kg
55 - 106 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 12 Years
10 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
5 - 10
5 - 8
Large dog
Large dog
Other Names:
Pakistani Mastiff, Sindhi Mastiff
Colors Available:
fawn or brindle, White, tan
Black, salt and pepper grey color
Short, smooth, dense
Medium length, wiry and hard
Affectionate, Aggressive, Alert, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Docile, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Low maintenance
Moderate maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:


sindh mastiff puppy - descriptionThe Alangu Mastiff is a huge dog, standing anything from 80 – 84cm in height and weighing 62 – 68kg. He is muscular and strong. He has a broad skull with small pricked ears, wide apart eyes and a thick neck.

The legs are powerful and muscled, the skin fairly loose over the body with hair that is short ad dense. The coat can be white, tan, fawn or brindle.

Sometimes the dog has a black mask. The tail is thick and long these days, although it used to be docked.


This dog has a domineering, ferocious nature and that is why it has been sought after as a guard dog. He is territorial and thought to be aggressive. He is therefore not a good choice of dog for first time dog owners. He is also not a good choice for when there are children in the home or even small pets.

He is strong willed and fairly difficult to train. Of course it is a known fact that a puppy turns out a lot like its owners. Good owners produce a good tempered dog, but you have to be careful with this dog as it has aggressive tendencies.

Certainly it will require a strong, firm consistent owner, and then the dog is capable of becoming loyal and devoted. Training and socialization are possible as he is intelligent, and it does help to make him more submissive to his human owners.

giant schnauzer puppy - descriptionWith a thick, medium length double coat to protect him from the weather, the Giant Schnauzer’s coat is essentially wiry and hard and in solid black or in a greyish salt and pepper color.

The dogs have always traditionally had their ears and tails docked at the 2nd or 3rd joint to set them apart in looks, but these days both the ears and tail are left.

The tail is always held high. He has dark eyes. Like all Schnauzers, they have that distinct beard and eyebrows. The dog is large and well built and stands at 60 to 70cm in height and weighs anything between 25 and 48kg.


Intelligent, strong willed and energetic, the Giant Schnauzer is actually a quiet dog who doesn’t respond too well to strangers, being reserved around them.

He has a natural guarding and territorial instinct. When he is trained and socialized he makes a wonderful pet, responding well to a firm, consistent owner.

He loves his human family, and as a stable, reliable kind of dog, whether you’ve got children in the home, pets or elderly people, you can rely on your Giant Schnauzer to be a dependable, gentle pet at all the right times, being playful and energetic at other times.


sindh mastiff dog - characteristicsDomineering and quite aggressive, particularly if brought up that way, the Sindh Mastiff has a fairly long history of dog fighting. He is an intelligent dog and should be trained and socialized. He is also very territorial. He isn’t suitable for first time dog owners as he does have a bit of a reputation as being a fairly ferocious dog.

However, you have to give this dog some credit, and with the right upbringing, proper training and socialization, he can make a loyal pet and companion for a strong, firm, patient, kind and consistent type of owner.

giant schnauzer dog - characteristicsThe Giant Schnauzer has many excellent characteristics which make it such a great pet. He is composed, alert, intelligent, loving and loyal to his human family.

He is also playful, being happiest when roped into everything going on in the family. He has a solid, balanced nature, is robust and hypoallergenic.

He is powerful and needs a good dose of exercise and will love to join you on your cycle- and hiking trips. Good with children and pets in the home, this is a dog breed that will make a splendid, reliable pet.

Health Problems

sindh mastiff puppies - health problemsThe Sindh Mastiff is a healthy breed of dog who could develop any one of the main dog illnesses there are, although it is highly unlikely to get the diseases.

Nonetheless it is wise to be aware of some of the illnesses.

A common problem with dogs is canine cancer, of which lymphosarcoma and bone cancer are common. Then you have to be aware of bloat or gastric dilatation volvulus, which is particular common in deep-chested dogs. The stomach dilates and twists, and blood supply is cut off.

This is a life threatening illness. Urinary tract infections and skin conditions are just some of the diseases your pet will need to contend with.

giant schnauzer puppies - health problemsA healthy Schnauzer can reach 10 – 12 years of age, but even so, they are a dog breed prone to high rates of hip- and elbow dysplasia, hereditary eye disease and thyroid disease.

Blood-clotting diseases and epilepsy are also concerns with Giant Schnauzers as well as bloat. As with all deep-chested breeds, Giant Schnauzers are more at risk with this gastrointestinal syndrome known as bloat and which can be life threatening.

It is your right to ask the breeder about the medical history of your puppy’s parents.

Caring The Pet

General Grooming:

sindh mastiff dogs - caringThis is a low maintenance dog as the short coat will only require a brush twice a week. As you brush him take note of any unusual lumps you come across.

Also, while grooming him, check the inside of his ears and look for signs of redness and the possibility of an ear infection. Look into his eyes and make sure they are clear and bright.

Check inside his mouth, if he will allow you to, and make sure he doesn’t have any bad teeth. These could cause a lot of pain and also cause problems with body organs such as the heart and the kidneys.


This is a big dog that is going to need plenty of exercise. He is not suited to small spaces in the city but will require a fairly large property in the suburbs or the countryside. He will become frustrated and more dangerous to others if left day after day without exercise.


The Sindh Mastiff is an energetic dog, so it is important do ensure he has good food to eat to ensure he remains fit and energetic. For convenience, commercially manufactured dog foods can be a good choice, but only when you choose the better quality ones with vitamins and minerals in them.

Some of the inferior food brands load the food with bad fillers, colorants and preservatives and these can all make your pet sick. Try and give him some home made food too – nothing exotic – just plain boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta and spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Your dog will thank you for such a plain diet as then he isn’t plagued by digestive problems. Chop it all up and add it into the dry kibble a couple of times a week. Try and include some raw meat into the diet occasionally to avoid skin problems. Always ensure a constant supply of fresh, cool water.

giant schnauzer dogs - caringHe is a particularly low shedding dog and so brushing him twice a week will suffice. He loves the closeness with his human family during these grooming sessions.

If you don’t know how to groom yourself, the Giant Schnauzers coat will require hand-stripping or clipping. If you want to keep your dog with that typical Schnauzer look, a visit to a professional groomer will be required as they will also tidy the hair around each paw as well.

Now that the ears are no longer cropped, he has fairly short floppy ears and it will be necessary to ensure that dampness, ear wax and dirt don’t build up to cause ear infections.

The teeth must also be brushed 2 or 3 times a week otherwise plaque buildup can cause dental disease as well as lead to other more serious diseases such as kidney- and heart disease.


If you’re a new dog owner, it can be hard to know which dog food to buy and which ingredients to look out for. Nutrition is of vital importance, and bad ingredients can make your dog sick and shorten his life.

A mix of the best commercially manufactured kibble mixed with home-made food full of the right balance of vitamins and minerals will be important as well as including some raw meat into the diet.

If in any kind of doubt about how to feed a large, energetic dog breed like this Giant Schnauzer, speak to your vet.


As a big, energetic dog, the Giant Schnauzer needs to live on a property where there is a garden. He will be requiring some hectic exercise every day.

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