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Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound

This is truly a rare breed of dog with his double nose. He hails from Bolivia. Twentieth century reports of this rare feature include one report of..

Hound dogMedium dogBolivia
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The Doxiepom is a small dog known as a designer breed which has originated from crossing the well known Dachshund dog with another well known pure-bre..

Toy dogSmall dogUnited States
posavac hound dog

Posavac Hound

The Posavac Hound originates from Croatia and is believed to have descended from the Molossian. The name Posavac Houndare or Posavac Hound was a n..

Hound dogMedium dogCroatia
drentse patrijshond dog

Drentse Patrijshond

The Drentse Patrijshond came about in the 1930-1950s. The breed developed from pointing dogs which originated in Spain, arriving in the Netherlands in..

Gun dogMedium dogNetherlands
drever dog


The Drever dog hails from Sweden, being brought from Germany to the Scandinavian country in 1910. As a scenthound, in spite of his short legs, he was ..

Hound dogMedium dogSweden
dutch smoushond dog

Dutch Smoushond

The Dutch Smoushond, known also as the Hollandse Smoushond ,Hollandse Herdershond or Dutch Ratter is a small to medium sized dog. The Smoushondencl..

Companion dogMedium dogNetherlands
pungsan dog dog

Pungsan Dog

The Pungsan Dog hails from Korea. It is a hunting dog and considered to be a National Treasure of Korea. It was during the Japanese occupation of K..

Working dogLarge dogNorth Korea

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