Ciobanesc de Bucovina Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Ciobanesc de Bucovina for Sale

Working dogs
Height Male:
68 - 78 cm26 - 31 inches
Height Female:
64 - 72 cm25 - 29 inches
Weight Male:
50 - 90 kg110 - 199 pounds
Weight Female:
50 - 80 kg110 - 177 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
4 - 6
Other Names:
Bucovina Wolf Dog, Bukovinak, Capau, Dulau, Bucovina Sheepdog, Bucovina Mountain Dog, Bucovina Shepherd, Bukovina Bucovina Sheepdog Bucovina Shepherd Southeastern European Shepherd, Ciobanesc de Bucovina
Colors Available:
black or black with red-fawn reflections. , Clear white or white-beige with distinct patches of grey
double coated, long and full top coat
Affectionate, Courageous, Independent, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Protective, Stubborn
High Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Ciobanesc de Bucovina for Sale

The Ciobanesc de Bucovina is a breed that developed naturally in the Carpathian Mountains (Romania and Serbia) and some regions of Bulgaria. The breed was especially useful in the Romanian northeast regions, the county Bucovina and in the northeastern region of Serbia. These dogs are bred for guarding and herding of flocks as well as guard dogs for the family home.

When the area was split between Russian and Romania, the dog continued to thrive in the mountains because of the need that the shepherds had for this type of dog with the build, working ability and temperament of the Bucovina.

Finally, in the 20th century, Romania began to urbanize and industrialize. People moved to the cities from the hills and many brought their dogs with them. This allowed many non-mountain Romanians to come into contact with the Bucovina Shepherd for the first time. He became a great family dog and offered guard dog protection as well.

The Romanian Kennel Club accepted the Ciobanesc du Bucovina in 1982 and wrote the first standard then. It has since been updated in 2001 and 2002 with today’s standard. They are not accepted by the international clubs nor the big clubs in the US and Europe. This is one factor in keeping the breed rare because it is little known outside of Romania.

Description - Ciobanesc de Bucovina for Sale

Most large mountain dogs resemble the Bucovina Shepherd, but this breed is more slightly built and has a lighter coat than most of the mountain dogs. They are still a very large dog weighing in between 70 and 120 pounds. They are powerfully built even if more slender than other mountain dogs. They have a long thick coat that makes it difficult to see how their bodies are formed, but they are a very muscular dog.

Their large head does indicate how powerful a dog he is, and he has a wide muzzle that tapers off at the end. The breed has small eyes that are either hazel or brown and his v-shaped ears hang downward on the side of his head. He has a wide, black nose and thick, dark lips. His tail is bushy and long.

Health Problems - Ciobanesc de Bucovina for Sale

Not much has been done to study the health of this breed so not much is known for certain. It is known that they have good health as they have survived the harsh winters in the mountains while tending to the flocks.

Given their size and the history of mountain dogs, they could be susceptible to visual and skeletal amount of food and at the right times can prevent this. They could be susceptible to arthritis, knee and elbow dysplasia, and cataracts.

Caring The Pet - Ciobanesc de Bucovina for Sale

Caring for Pet


It is important not to over feed or to feed to much at one time. Even though they are large and powerful dogs, massive meals can cause bloat, so you are better off with 2-4 smaller meals per day. Also, don’t feed right before or right after strenuous exercise.

Health issues

As previously mentioned this breed does not appear to have many health issues. As they developed naturally in the mountains they have not been exposed to many things there.


This was already mentioned but it is a very serious condition and requires veterinary assistance immediately under threat of death.


They can have either hip or elbow dysplasia. Can lead to arthritis of lameness.

Exercise and games

This is a calm, even tempered dog not needing a lot of exercise. However, he is a big dog and can get obese without daily exercise. A large fenced in yard would be appreciated and a nice brisk walk every day. They would probably enjoy flyball and leurcatch. Any herding or hunting would be enjoyed.

Characteristics - Ciobanesc de Bucovina for Sale

Bred to herd and guard cattle against the wolves and bears, it is a very dominant, self-assured, breed. They are intelligent yet laid back when no threat is suspected. They love children but can be hard to train. A dominant adult is needed to train and control the Ciobanesc de Bucovina. They are quite protective of their families and will patrol the property if left outside at night.

The breed has a strong mistrust of strangers but loves his adopted family. Unless threatened the Ciobanesc de Bucovina is calm and chilled. He is loyal, affectionate and dedicated. They attempt to frighten strangers with barks and growls but will attack if necessary. They are also very driven to chase prey so make sure they are in a locked fence. They can be difficult to train and seem to need a strong, alpha adult presence.

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