Formosan Mountain Dog Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Formosan Mountain Dog for Sale

Sporting dogs
Height Male:
48 - 52 cm18 - 21 inches
Height Female:
43 - 47 cm16 - 19 inches
Weight Male:
14 - 18 kg30 - 40 pounds
Weight Female:
12 - 16 kg26 - 36 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
10 - 13
Other Names:
Taiwan Canis, Taiwanese Dog, Taiwanese Aboriginal Dog, Native Formosan Dog, Taiwanese Native Dog, Taiwanese Mountain Dog, National Dog Takasago Dog , and Taiwanese Dog., Formosan Hunting Dog, Formosan, Native Taiwanese Dog, Formosan Aboriginal Dog, Formosan Dog, Taiwanse Canis. Formosan Native Dog
Colors Available:
earthly yellow, Black, or yellow
smooth and oily
Affectionate, Alert, Energetic, Friendly, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Protective
Low Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Formosan Mountain Dog for Sale

The Formosan Mountain Dog is most often known as the Taiwan dog and it is a landrace indigenous to Taiwan. It is a small to medium breed of dog that was semi-wild at one time. The colonialization of Taiwan and other foreigners help to fully domesticate the Formosan Mountain Dog. They were found to be very trainable and uniquely suited for the terrain around Taiwan. The dogs were easy to train and now serve as hunting dogs, stunt dogs, guard dogs, rescue dogs, therapy dog and personal companions. There are three types of Formosans two smaller types and one medium. However, the original pure Formosan Mountain Dog is getting close to extinction again because the government and people have provided no protection or conservation efforts for them. These dogs have been living in Taiwan in the mountains and were called Formosan Mountain Dogs when Taiwan was known as Formosa. They come from a line of Southeast Asian hunting/gun dogs and they are considered ‘rare’ now.

According to historian Dr. Sung Yung-yi, the breed went through 4 major catastrophes that affected their development. The first of these was the Dutch Establishment in 1624. The Dutch colonized Taiwan and imported both people and dogs. The dog they brought in was called the Flying Dog and was either Greyhound or Pointer. Eventually, the Flying Dog bred with the Formosan Mountain Dog. This along with the slaughter of dogs belonging to the indigenous people by the government, starting the decline of the original Taiwan dog.

In 1895, it was the Japanese acquiring Taiwan following the First Sino-Japanese War. The Japanese bred the Formosan Mountain Dog extensively with the own Japanese dogs. This further diluted the line and authenticity of Taiwan dogs.

This was followed by World War II when German Shepherds traveled with the US Army and they cross-bred with the Formosan. This was the third major dilution of the Formosan Mountain dog line. At the same time, the Japanese government considered the Formosan Mountain Dog a sanitation threat and barbaric. They massacred them in large numbers in the name of sanitation.

The fourth and final dilution took place during the Kuomintang Era beginning in 1945 with the arrival of the Chinese Nationalist Party. They brought with them the culture of eating dogs. During this time the economy of Taiwan took off and business people began to import their own foreign dogs that were high priced purebreds. These dogs bred with the Formosan and other Formosans were just abandoned to die. The ranks of the breed became very thin indeed. Today’s pure Formosan is highly valuable and extremely rare. Because of all the crossbreeding over the centuries, today’s purebred Formosan Mountain Dog is very different from the Taiwan dog of old. Today’s Formosan is loved all over the island and is a companion and watchdog.

Today there is an effort by Taiwanese ecologists to put together a research project that would study and preserve the Formosan in its indigenous form. Dr. Yung-yi led this effort. He located only 46 dogs with a pure pedigree, 21 females and 25 males. They let the Food and Agricultural of the United Nations know and the dogs were labeled close to extinction. Reproducing from the indigenous dogs to purify and increase the breed was the goal. The government was not very supportive.

Today the Royal Air Force is looking at the Formosan Dog to use for military security. They are currently only using German Shepherds and needed another choice. It was decided that the Formosan Mountain Dog had a better sense of smell, dexterity, alertness, and hearing as well as better padding on their paws.

Through these efforts and those of foundation stock breeders and owners, the Formosan Mountain Dog in its indigenous form was brought back. Some call this dog a purebred Formosan while others consider it a new type. Standards were presented to the FCI for registrations as a purebred. This debate continues today

Description - Formosan Mountain Dog for Sale

The Formosan Mountain Dog that was seen during Dr. Sung Yung-yi’s research is a medium-sized dog, athletic and fit. It has a deep chest and a slim waist. The ears are half-covered, the nose is black and there is a coating of black on the tongue. This black tongue is the most distinguishing attribute of the Formosan Mountain Dog. The breed has a strong jaw, the skull that is just slightly longer than the muzzle, which is flat and tapered, triangle face and almond eyes. They have a thick coat and upright, curved tail.

The dogs are known to be extremely agile with an ability to hop that is rare in dogs but helps when hunting animals like rats. The Formosan Mountain Dogs hunted in packs with each dog attacking the prey with one bite until it was too exhausted to fight them off any longer.

Health Problems - Formosan Mountain Dog for Sale

Because there have not been any studies done on the health of the Formosan Mountain Dog, there is not a lot known about any inherent or genetic health issues. It would seem that some bloodlines are healthy, and others have some serious issues. Especially because there are no studies, it is important for breeders to test for eye issues and skeletal issues through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the Canine Eye Registration Foundation.

Some of the health issues the Formosan Mountain Dog might be susceptible to.

  1. Dysplasia: Hip and/or Elbow
  2. Can cause lameness and/or arthritis
  3. Luxating Patella
  4. Floating or dislocated kneecap
  5. PRA – Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  6. Degeneration of the retina – causes blindness
  7. Cataracts
  8. Can be removed/causes sight issues or blindness
  9. Mange Demodex/Demodicosis/Demodectic
  10. Caused by mites and can be treated

Caring The Pet - Formosan Mountain Dog for Sale

Feeding the puppy

Feed a high-quality puppy food for medium size dogs at the rate of a ¼ cup twice a day until 8 months then ½ to ¾ twice a day until 12-16 months.

Feeding the adult

1 to 2 cups of high-quality dry food split into 2 meals per day.

Points for Good Health

Generally healthy breed. Keep clean and watch for mites.

Games and Exercises

This is an energetic breed and he needs a lot of exercise. He must have at least an hour of exercise daily but the more, the better. He loves swimming and jogging with his people. He’s athletic, smart and agile. He does well with field trials, tracking, agility, and obedience.

Characteristics - Formosan Mountain Dog for Sale

Children friendliness

The Formosan Mountain Dog is very child-friendly. He is affectionate and loyal to his family and protective of his children.

Special talents

He is intelligent and has exceptional hunting skills. He is a good guard dog due to his alertness, but they can be fear-aggressive.


He is very adaptable to living in any location as long as there is somewhere for him to get adequate exercise. He is friendly to people and animals.

Learning ability

He is intelligent and learns quickly.

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