Hermes Bulldogge Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Hermes Bulldogge for Sale

Companion dogs
United States
Height Male:
46 - 63 cm18 - 25 inches
Height Female:
46 - 60 cm18 - 24 inches
Weight Male:
65 - 68 kg143 - 150 pounds
Weight Female:
62 - 66 kg136 - 146 pounds
Life Span:
11 - 15 Years
Litter Size:
6 - 8
Other Names:
Colors Available:
blue, lilac tri, colors brindle or fawn or solid black or chocolate. Lilac, and chocolate tri are all considered to be rare , blue tri, chocolate
straight, short, flat, close, of fine texture, smooth and glossy.
Affectionate, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Loving, Playful
Low Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Hermes Bulldogge for Sale

The Hermes Bulldogge is not a breed in itself, but is actually a line within the English Bulldogge line. The Hermes family in the United States bred this line for several years. The Hermes Bulldogge line is the largest of the re-creations from the English Bulldogge. They are inspired by the arena dogs from the days of the Roman Empire. Greg and Linda Hermes have bred healthy, smart, resilient and agile dogs. The desire of the Hermes was an attempt at recreating the 17th century dog.

They used a variety of breeds to create the Hermes Bulldogge, most of whom are never disclosed. Some of the dogs that were probably used include: English Mastiffs, American Bulldogs, Old English Bulldogges, and pit Bull Terriers. This family of dogs are playful, friendly, and good family dogs. They have a strong prey drive which makes them good hunters but not as good around other small animals or small children. The Hermes have been breeding the Hermes Bulldogge since since 1983. The puppies are all hand raised, child friendly with great health.

When discussing the Hermes Bulldogge, one must go back to the root of the English Bulldogge. That breed comes originally from England and various lines have been recreated by various breeders. The breeding of the Old English Bulldogge with Mastiffs and Pits lead to other lines that the breeders called Old English. But most fanciers believe that only two lines of the original Old English Bulldogge remain and that is the Leavitt and the Hermes.

Some form of bulldog has been in existence since 700 years ago and as it was mixed with a variety of other breeds it took on other forms over time. The English Bulldogge was a definite couch potato. Instead of being bred for a job or look, the Bulldogge was developed with temperament, ability and health in mind. This has made for a great family dog without a lot of veterinarian bills.

Description - Hermes Bulldogge for Sale

The Hermes Bulldogge, much like the original Olde English Bulldogge, is taller, healthier, more athletic than the original English Bulldog. They are medium height, with a large head, a strong body and a deep, wide chest and broad shoulders. Tails might or might not be docked but the ears are never docked. They n have a moderate amount of wrinkles and a longer, less smashed face than the original. It is easier for the Hermes Bulldogge to breath, to fly and to live in warmer environments that it is for the English Bulldogge. His eyes are lower in his head but in the front center.

They are very dark almost black. Eyelids should cover the white of the eye and they have rounded cheeks. They have a short muzzle and short face. Broad, thick lips finish out the face with very large, square, broad jaws.

Health Problems - Hermes Bulldogge for Sale

The Hermes Bulldogge is healthier than most bulldogs. His face is not as smashed and he is not as wrinkled. He can breathe easier than other Bulldogs. The two major concerns are hip dysplasia and bloat.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia also some elbow dysplasia: can cause lameness and arthritis


Terminal unless treated immediately. Can be prevented by not feeding large meals before or after heavy exercise.

Caring The Pet - Hermes Bulldogge for Sale

Feeding the puppy

When feeding a Hermes Bulldogge puppy be sure you feed puppy meal for bulldogs or medium dogs. For first year fee 2-4 times a day 2 cups food.

Feeding the adult

Feed the adult a solid adult dry food. 2 cups twice a day.

Points for Good Health

Better health than most lines of Bulldogs. Few wrinkles and less problems breathing as he doesn’t have a smashed face.

Games and Exercises

He doesn’t need a lot of exercise but daily walks and lots of play time. He can enjoy Lure Coursing obedience, agility and obedience

Characteristics - Hermes Bulldogge for Sale

Children friendliness

If socialized properly this line of bulldog is harmful to me.

Special talents

Strong and athletic, his strength and stamina.


He is not very adaptable. Apartments are not good for this dog. He needs to run and if possible to hunt.

Learning ability

He is very intelligent but stubborn which affects his learning ability.

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