Mountain View Cur Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Mountain View Cur for Sale

Working dogs
United States
Height Male:
46 - 66 cm18 - 26 inches
Height Female:
44 - 64 cm17 - 26 inches
Weight Male:
16 - 29 kg35 - 64 pounds
Weight Female:
14 - 26 kg30 - 58 pounds
Life Span:
12 - 16 Years
Litter Size:
3 - 8
Other Names:
Colors Available:
yellow, brindle, black and brindle. These dogs commonly have white markings on the muzzle, solid black, chest and feet.
short hair
Affectionate, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Playful, Protective
Low Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Mountain View Cur for Sale

The Mountain View Cur is an American bred dog that resulted from years of deliberate breeding and careful culling of the litters to improve the Mountain Cur into a hunting dog with a better temperament and a stronger hunting instinct. Because of these generations of culling and refining the Mountain View Cur is so uniform within the breed that it is considered a thoroughbred as well as a purebred. Developed at the end of the 1980’s by Michael and Marie Bloodgood. The foundation for their breeding program was the Mountain Cur.

The new Mountain View Cur were meant to be stronger in every way than the original Mountain Cur. They could track, hunt and tree both large and small prey. It’s work ethic is unsurpassed regardless of the weather or terrain. Highly intelligent and motivated the Mount View Cur can use its incredible prey drive to follow the game at any cost. Yet it can be trusted off lease because while hunting the Mountain View Cur will instinctively go to the hunter and check in occasionally.

This breed is ultimate hunter, known for treeing squirrels and racoons. His strongest drive is to please the human he is with. He has a gentle, loving temperament. Because of their desire to please, they are great companion animals as well as hunters. In addition to coons and squirrels, the Mountain View Cur could hunt possum, coyote, pheasants, turkey, hare, grouse, hare and rabbits. They are also willing to fight with lions, bobcats, bears, and wild boars. Surprisingly they can herd as well.

They are a healthy breed and very hearty with a long lifespan. They are extremely popular in the mountains and hills of Appalachia, but they are rare and almost unknown outside the United States. Puppies are very expensive and there is a waiting list that could be very long. The original Mountain View Curs descended from just two Mountain Curs – one male, one female. As the program went on Mountain View Curs were bred to Mountain Views Curs and then other Mountain Curs were added in.

Originally the breed was registered as a part of the Kemmer Stock Breeders Association Registry. Eventually however the breeders of View Curs came to believe that they had an entirely new breed and the American Squirrel and Night Hunters Association was the choice to register the breed in 1995. One year later the Mountain View Cur Registry was founded.

Description - Mountain View Cur for Sale

The Mountain View Cur is a rugged, healthy breed that has very little in common with its ancestor the Mountain Cur at least in its looks. The Mountain View Cur is born with no dewclaws while the Mountain Cur has them. The Mountain View Cur is a stronger and more muscular breed as well. They have a flat domed head with ears that are high set and short. Her eyes are dark and prominent, its neck and back strong and muscular, while its chest is deep. Half the pups are born with a bobtail and half have their tales docked. About 10% are black, brindle or brindle and black. They all have white on the feet, chest and muzzle.

Health Problems - Mountain View Cur for Sale

The Mountain View Cur is a very healthy breed without a lot of genetic issues due to the purity and isolation of the breed. No genetic deformities or illness. They are susceptible to a few health concerns.

Bloat – like most larger dogs, the Mountain View Cur is susceptible to bloat. This occurs when the dog’s internal organs, stomach and intestines become inverted and twisted. This can occur when the dog eats a large meal immediately before or after strenuous exercise.

  • Ear Infections – Ears need to be kept clean especially after every hunt.
  • Eye Infections/Issues – Similar to ear infections
  • Hunting Accidents – by far the biggest danger to the breed is accidents

Caring The Pet - Mountain View Cur for Sale

Feeding the puppy

The Mountain View Cur puppy after 12 weeks of age will need to eat 3 meals per day until they are 6 months old. From 6 months to one year they need 2 meals a day. They need high quality dry dog food made especially for puppies that will become large dogs.

Feeding the adult

An adult Mountain View Cur can eat only once a day and be healthy. They need a high quality dry food for large dogs.

Points for Good Health

Extremely healthy breed with stamina and speed.

Games and Exercises

The Mountain View Cur is a hunter and an extremely active one at that. They also have herding tendencies. Though they are not hyper, they need a lot of exercise. They also need a job. They want nothing more than to please their person, but they need a job to stimulate both his body and mind. He needs daily walks and a fenced yard to run in. They are good at agility, search and rescue, herding, field trials, police work, and hunting.

Characteristics - Mountain View Cur for Sale

1.Children friendliness very child friendly, playful and gentle

Special talents

Scent and well-disciplined self-control


This breed is designed to work and to hunt. They are happiest when they have a job or are in the woods with you. They have excess energy and need space. They will not do well as a 24 hour inside dogs. They need space to run and hunt.

Learning ability

Highly intelligent, excellent ability to learn whatever you want to teach them.

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