Petit Bleu de Gascogne vs Aidi - Breed Comparison

Petit Bleu de Gascogne vs Aidi - Breed ComparisonPetit Bleu de Gascogne is originated from France but Aidi is originated from Morocco. Both Petit Bleu de Gascogne and Aidi are having almost same height. Both Petit Bleu de Gascogne and Aidi are having almost same weight. Both Petit Bleu de Gascogne and Aidi has almost same life span. Both Petit Bleu de Gascogne and Aidi has almost same litter size. Both Petit Bleu de Gascogne and Aidi requires Low maintenance.


petit bleu de gascogne - historyThe Petit Bleu de Gascogne is a scenthound dog originating in France where he has always been used as a hunting dog.

The Petit Bleu de Gascogne is a descendant of the Grand Bleu de Gascogne. This dog was developed around the 16th century already, with the numbers of the dog being reduced at the time of the World Wars.

They’re quite well known in France, but not in any other parts of the world. The dog is an official member of the UKC, and it was in 1991 that the dog joined their scent hound group.

aidi - historyAidi dog is also known as Berber dog. It originates from Marocco, where it has been kept to protect people from wild animals, strangers, and predators. It is considered that this breed has been utilized by the Barber tribe that is why it has a name Barber dog. Aidi has recently been protected by a club to keep its purity of the breed.

Basic Information

Working dog
Working dog
Height Male:
52 - 58 cm
20 - 23 inches
53 - 61 cm
20 - 25 inches
Height Female:
52 - 58 cm
20 - 23 inches
53 - 61 cm
20 - 25 inches
Weight Male:
15 - 20 kg
33 - 45 pounds
23 - 25 kg
50 - 56 pounds
Weight Female:
15 - 20 kg
33 - 45 pounds
23 - 25 kg
50 - 56 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 13 Years
10 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
4 - 7
5 - 8
Medium dog
Medium dog
Other Names:
Atlas Mountain Dog, Atlas Shepherd Dog, Berber Dog, Chien de l'Atlas, Chien de Montagne de l'Atlas, Kabyle Dog
Colors Available:
Mottled black, giving appearance of slate grey or blue
White, Black, Black & White, Tawny and Red
Short and smooth
Coarse, Harsh and Rough, Short, Medium, Weather Proof and Thick
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Docile, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Alert, Cheerful, Energetic, Protective
Low maintenance
Low maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:


petit bleu de gascogne puppy - descriptionThe Petit Bleu de Gascogne is a medium to large sized dog which stands at between 52 to 58cm in height at the withers and weighs in the region of 18 to 22kg.

In fact, the only difference between the Petit Bleu de Gascogne and the original Bleu de Gascogne is its size. They’re well proportioned dogs and they have lean, muscular bodies. The head is long and slim, the nose black, the expression gentle and unthreatening.

Most times you’ll find a black patch on each side of the head which extends to the ears so that the ears are essentially black. The patch also extends to around the eyes.

The dense, short coat is a typical trademark feature, with the color of the coat being white mottled with black so that the general appearance is a slate blue color. The dog usually has tan eyebrows over each eye. The tail is long and the ears long and floppy.


Kept essentially as a pet today, the Petit Bleu de Gascogne has kept its hunting instincts and is an excellent scent-dog, being able to follow a scent for miles. It is why you want to ensure that as a pet, you take him on regular walks, every day in fact. He just loves to get out, and given the chance to run and chase a scent.

Apart from his hunting skills, he still makes an excellent pet, being loyal and loving with his human family. He is looked upon as being amicable and well-balanced, getting on well with children as well as dogs in the home.

They’re quite laid-back and friendly, so they don’t make particularly good watchdogs. They are independent and intelligent and will respond well to training and socialization.

aidi puppy - descriptionAidi dog originate country is Morocco. A weight of the Aidi dog is 23-25kg while the height is 53-61cm. Female dogs are a little smaller than average males. Lifespan variates from 10-12 years, but it depends on every individual. Litter Size of Aidi is 5-8 puppies. Other Names for Aïdi are Atlas Mountain Dog, Atlas Shepherd Dog, Berber Dog, Chien de l'Atlas, Chien de Montagne de l'Atlas, Kabyle Dog.


petit bleu de gascogne dog - characteristicsThe Petit Bleu de Gascogne just loves being outdoors, chasing the scent of something interesting. He is in his element outside as a hunting or tracking dog.

Training and socialization will always be a good idea for these dogs, as once on the scent he may be inclined to ignore your calls and not return easily.

They’re easy-going dogs, loving be around their human family. Provide well for him and you will find that he makes an amicable, loyal and devoted companion.

aidi dog - characteristicsAidi is an active dog who loves spending time outside in large space. They are not recommended for people who live in the apartments. They are very protective dogs, so they will be a perfect guard dog for large houses.

They are amazing with children. Aidi is a very gentle to small kids, and they tend to bond very quickly. It is very important to socialize them on time because they tend to be aggressive towards other animals and people if not properly trained. The best way to socialize them is to spend time with other pets since the early age.

Training of the Aidi

Training of the Aidi might be tricky because it requires constancy and patience. It is also very important to be a firm but without any aggression towards a dog. Awarding and positive training is a must with this breed.

One of the most important things is that Aidi needs to spend a lot of time being active. They need a lot of space to be comfortable even though they do not need a lot of running.

They are very smart dogs who come from a history of guarding dogs, so proper socialization is a must. Aidi is not recommendable for the first time owners. They need a lot of practice and training to be a perfectly good pet.

Health Problems

petit bleu de gascogne puppies - health problemsThe Petit Bleu de Gascogne is a healthy dog with no unusual health problems being documented. With good care, he can generally live to be 11, 12 or 13 years of age. Nonetheless it is a good idea to be aware of some of the horrible dog illnesses that can strike, even though it is highly unlikely.


Your Petit Bleu de Gascogne is a deep chested dog and this simply means it can develop bloat. A swollen stomach, lethargy and trying to vomit are just some of the signs of this ailment which can become deadly if not attended to. The stomach can twist with bloat and this is when things get serious.

Ear Infections:

Floppy eared dogs are always at risk of ear infections and these can be painful for your pet. You will notice him scratching at his ears or shaking his head and then its time to investigate further for redness or discharge.

aidi puppies - health problemsAidi is considered to be a very tough breed. They are very healthy dogs. But, since every highly active breed, Aidi can develop hip dysplasia or patellar luxation. Then again, with regular vet checks and good, healthy diet, including proper daily activity, Aidi is a very healthy breed.

Caring The Pet


petit bleu de gascogne dogs - caringLuckily the Petit Bleu de Gascogne is a fairly low maintenance dog who will basically require a good brush twice a week to rid him of loose hairs and to keep his coat nice and shiny.

Take the time while brushing him to test for any unusual lumps on his body. Check inside his ears too, because as a floppy eared dog, there can be a build-up of wax, debris and dampness and these can all cause bacteria and an ear infection.

Check his eyes too as well as inside his mouth. He can’t tell you when he’s got terrible tooth ache from a rotting tooth and you need to check for this. Bad teeth can cause all kinds of health issues.


There are some excellent commercially manufactured dog foods on the market which have got the vitamins and minerals your pet needs. Some of the lower quality foods have got bad ingredients such as colorants and fillers and these can actually be toxic for your pet.

It’s always wise to add a little bit of home-made food into your pet’s diet and then simple, nutritious foods such as boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta, sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach can do him the world of good. Just chop it up and add it into the dried kibble every other night when you feed your pet. A bit of raw meat occasionally can also be healthy for him.

Always ensure there’s a bowl of fresh, cool water available to him.

Ensure your pet has a nice comfortable, dry place to sleep.

Never ever leave your pet alone in a hot car.

Make sure your puppy has his puppy vaccines to avoid some life-threatening diseases.

Have your dog spayed or neutered to avoid unwanted puppies.

Feeding the breed

aidi dogs - caringFeeding Aidi dog depends on the activity and size of each individual. Overall, for a medium-sized dog with average activity 2-2.5 cups of high-quality food would be enough, but if your dog is a very active dog, you should give him extra food. They love eating, so giving your dog healthy fruit and vegetables would be a very nice treat and addition to dry food. Olive oil is also very good for your dog’s coat and digestive system.

Feeding the puppy

Puppies need to have more meals per day, so dividing 3-4 cups of food into 3-5 meals per day should be a good amount of food for your puppy. Also, regular intake of vitamins and minerals would do a lot of benefits for the health of your dog.

Grooming Aida

Aida is a very easy dog for grooming. They have a coat that really needs a little extra attention. Few brushing on a monthly basis with an occasional bathing couple of times a year would be enough to have a perfectly groomed dog. They don’t shed a lot, so little extra brushing during the shed period is all you need.

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