Rajapalayam vs Mioritic Sheepdog - Breed Comparison

Rajapalayam vs Mioritic Sheepdog - Breed ComparisonRajapalayam is originated from India but Mioritic Sheepdog is originated from Romania. Both Rajapalayam and Mioritic Sheepdog are of same height. Rajapalayam may weigh 35 kg / 77 pounds lesser than Mioritic Sheepdog. Both Rajapalayam and Mioritic Sheepdog has almost same life span. Both Rajapalayam and Mioritic Sheepdog has almost same litter size. Rajapalayam requires Low maintenance. But Mioritic Sheepdog requires Moderate maintenance


rajapalayam - historyThe Rajapalayam dog hails from India, from the small town of Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu.

Known also as the Poligar Hound, this Indian Sighthound has been the companion of royalty in Southern India.

Though the breed dates back a few hundred years, the developers of the breed brought about an albino dog. This Indian breed dog is almost on the verge of extinction. This is a pity as he is a splendid dog. Breeding centers have been set up to prevent the dog disappearing altogether.

mioritic sheepdog - historyThis is a large dog coming from the Carpathian mountain area of Romania.

He has always been an excellent working dog, guarding and protecting sheep. Farmers always kept these dogs as working dogs, with no written records being kept about the development of the breed.

The breed is ancient, possibly dating back to ancient Roman times. It was in the 20th century that interest in the breed was ignited, and in 1981 the first official breed standard was recorded. The breed was also registered with the Federation Cynologique Internationale in 2005.


rajapalayam puppy - descriptionThis is a large dog, graceful and elegant standing at between 65–75cm and weighing 22 to 25kg.

This is a hound dog, lean and muscular and will rely on good exercise to keep him in tip top working condition.

He is somewhat heavier than other sighthounds with a deep chest and long straight legs. He is a low maintenance dog with the white coat being short and fine. The ears are floppy ad the tail is slim and long and sometimes held up and curved.


The Rajapalayam has always been used for hunting wild boar, and today he makes a good guard- and watchdog. He needs a lot of space and exercise and isn’t suited to living in small spaces in the city.

He is a loving dog and becomes loyal and devoted towards his owner, being essentially a one-person dog. They tend to be aggressive and aloof with strangers.

Training and socialization will be important for this intelligent dog if you want him to behave around people. He doesn’t particularly get on well with other pets in the home, but training and socialization can change this.

mioritic sheepdog puppy - descriptionThe Mioritic Sheepdog looks very much like the Old English Sheepdog with his huge body covered with long hair.

His head is also large with a black nose and smallish to medium length floppy ears. The color of the double coat is usually white, cream or pale gray, and sometimes you will find patches of these colors.

The tail has always been traditionally docked, otherwise the tail is left long with a slight curl at the end. The height of the dog is 65 to 75cm and he weighs roughly 50–60kg. Below the thick coat is a muscular dog with strong, straight legs which can help him become quite agile and speedy when needed. Allowed to breed, they can produce anything from 3 to 9 of the most adorable looking puppies.


The Mioritic Sheepdog is a balanced dog, loving to be with his owners but being wary of strangers. He is a brave dog, willing to guard his human family with his life.

He is also a strong-willed and dominant so it will be to his benefit to be trained and socialized so that he becomes obedient and easy to have around.Training won’t be difficult as he is an intelligent breed and already naturally obedient.

He is an energetic dog too so he will need to have regular exercise and games. He therefore gets on well with children in the home, loving to join in with all their games. He will need to be supervised around small children just because of his cumbersome, large size.


rajapalayam dog - characteristicsA Rajapalayam dog has always been a hunter and this makes him an excellent watchdog, always on the look out for intruders.

The Rajapalyam has always been a dog deeply attached and loyal to his owners.They are good family companions and pets and with so many good characteristics, one hopes that this dog will still be around for a long time.

mioritic sheepdog dog - characteristicsThe Mioritic Shepherd has always been used to guard and protect livestock, but even though he has always taken this role seriously, he is calm and loving around his human family, making a splendid family pet.

He also plays the role of guardian and protector of his human family seriously. He is a big strong dog and training and socialization will become necessary as he can become aggressive with certain people who he doesn’t trust.

Inviting one of these dogs into your home will ensure having a constant and loving companion at your side.

Health Problems

rajapalayam puppies - health problemsThe Rajapalayam isn’t a fragile dog, and he can live to 10, 11 or 12 years of age. There are always a few things to look out for with him. With white dogs, there is always a high incidence of deafness. Puppies born with blue eyes are often deaf.


White coated dogs, because of the piebald gene, are often affected by deafness. The piebald gene is because of an absence of melanocytes. These are cells which create pigment. When a dog is born without the genes to create melanocyte cells, a white hair coat and sometimes blue eyes are the result.

There are also skin problems associated with these all white dog breeds such as mange and dermatitis. Check him over for ticks and fleas.

mioritic sheepdog puppies - health problemsThe Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog is a truly hardy dog breed and with good care such as good food and exercise can reach 14 years of age.

There are always some common dog illnesses to look out for and because he is a large dog, hip dysplasia can be a problem.

Hip Dysplasia:

This is a disease where there is abnormal growth of the hip joints. Smooth movement of the joint is hindered and this leads to inflammation and pain.

At first you may find your dog limping and then you may find that after lying down, he battles to get up again. The joint becomes thickened with less mobility and the dog is reluctant to play like he used to. He will certainly need to get to the vet for treatments to make him more comfortable.

Caring The Pet

General Grooming:

rajapalayam dogs - caringThe short coat does shed so he will need to be brushed once or twice a week.

You will also need to follow a regular grooming program with this dog, checking inside his ears for infection, checking his eyes for discharge and checking inside his mouth for bad, rotting teeth. Teeth- and gum disease aren’t just about losing a tooth - bad teeth and gums can cause a host of health issues for other body parts like the heart and kidneys.

His toe nails too wll require clipping to prevent splitting and chipping.


Provide your pet with lots of exercise – a walk every day, a run in the park off his leash as well as ball and frisbee games.


You can’t ever become lax with giving your pet good food. Good, wholesome food promotes health and longevity.

There are some good commercially manufactured dog foods which are wonderfully convenient – you just want to be sure its the high quality ones full of vitamins and minerals.

Also, provide him with uncomplicated, home-made dog food too. Boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta, sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach, all chopped up and mixed in twice a week with the dry kibble will ensue health and contentment.

Try and add some raw meat in as well. This simple diet plan will be gentle on your pet’s digestive system.

Make sure he always has a bowl of fresh, cool water available to him.

mioritic sheepdog dogs - caringThe Mioritic Sheepdog’s long hair is coarse and will need to be regularly brushed to keep it free of tangles. It will certainly need to be brushed 2 or 3 times a week, while some owners of this dog will prefer to have the coat professionally clipped. Because of the long hair, while brushing him it is an excellent time to check for ticks and fleas.


The food you give your pet plays such a critical role in his health and longevity. Always make sure that you’re giving your pet an uncomplicated diet to avoid stomach upsets.

Give him the best commercially manufactured kibble. To provide him with some variety, add in some boiled chicken, cooked vegetables such as potato, carrots and spinach to his kibble from time to time. He will also benefit greatly from having some raw meat added into the kibble occasionally.

Learn to know which human foods are totally toxic to him and avoid these. Make sure he is never without cool, fresh water.

Basic Information

Hound dog
Herding dogs
Height Male:
65 - 75 cm
25 - 30 inches
65 - 75 cm
25 - 30 inches
Height Female:
65 - 75 cm
25 - 30 inches
65 - 75 cm
25 - 30 inches
Weight Male:
22 - 25 kg
48 - 56 pounds
50 - 60 kg
110 - 133 pounds
Weight Female:
22 - 25 kg
48 - 56 pounds
50 - 60 kg
110 - 133 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 12 Years
12 - 14 Years
Litter Size:
5 - 8
3 - 9
Large dog
Large dog
Other Names:
Poligar Hound
Mioritic Shepherd Dog
Colors Available:
cream or pale gray, White
Smooth, short and fine
Long hair, double coat
Moderate, Constant
Affectionate, Aggressive, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Affectionate, Aggressive, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Low maintenance
Moderate maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

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