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History - Segugio Italiano for Sale

segugio italiano - historyKnown also as the Segit, the Segugio Italiano is an ancient dog breed believed to have descended from Egyptian hounds.

Both males and females stand at between 48 and 58cm and they weight between between 18 and 28kg. It’s a medium to large sized dog. The dog is a scenthound and was at first used for wild boar hunting in ancient times. Once wild boar numbers become much less, the Segit itself dropped in numbers, and it faced extinction.

Dedicated houndsmen worked hard to restore the numbers and the dog was successfully bred. It is a popular dog in Italy today. The Segugio Italiano isn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club whereas the Kennel Club in the UK recognizes it in the Hound Group.

Description - Segugio Italiano for Sale

segugio italiano puppy - descriptionThe Segugio Italiano has a distinctive look to him. He’s a large dog standing at between 68 and 76cm in height and weighing between 16 and 27 kg.

The body is lean and muscular and the Italian Scenthound has an amicable looking expression on his face. The coat of the dog is available in two types - short-haired or wire-haired.

The short-haired variety needs to be brushed on a weekly basis but is generally easy to maintain. Wire-haired dogs may require hand-stripping several times a year.

The coat of these dogs range from deep red to wheaten or black. Many dogs have white markings on the head, chest, feet, and the tip of the tail. The ears are long and floppy. If you want your dogs to have puppies, you can expect a litter size of between 4 to 6 puppies.


As a Scenthound, the Segugio Italiano is an intelligent dog, easily trained. He is best trained and socialized as he tends to be stubborn and he is also an independent strong-willed dog. It’s not an aggressive dog and yet it makes a good watchdog.

He’s adaptable but wouldn’t adjust well to living in a small space in the city.

Characteristics - Segugio Italiano for Sale

segugio italiano dog - characteristicsThe amicable Segugio Italiano just wants to please. They get on well with children and pets. They’re easy going dogs that will require a good deal of exercise.

They make wonderful pets and companions, being particularly well suited to outdoor type of people. They make good watchdogs too, and with his interesting looks, his intelligence and gentle nature, you’re going to have an exceptional canine companion.

Health Problems - Segugio Italiano for Sale

segugio italiano puppies - health problemsWhen you have a Segugio Italiano, you’re not likely to be spending much money at the vet, as these dogs are fairly healthy.

If your pet does show signs of illness, as a responsible pet owner it is your job to get him pet to the vet quickly as this can prevent other problems developing.

Ear Infections:

Dogs with such long ears can be more prone to ear infections. Your pet can be in pain and he will shake his head and paw at the infected ear. He may also be vomiting from nausea. You need to get your dog to the vet as soon as possible because with severe ear infection cases, there can even be facial nerve damage.

Caring The Pet - Segugio Italiano for Sale


segugio italiano dogs - caringThe Segugio Italiano comes with two coat types, the short-haired variety as well as the wire-haired variety. The short-haired dog will need to be brushed at least twice a week, while the wire-haired dog may require hand stripping.


Segugio Italianos love a good bout of exercise, and out on the hunt they are constantly on the move. They’re known for their stamina, but once back at home, they can settle down quite calmly. Make sure this pet of yours is well exercised, whether walks, running off his leash or ball games.


Have a good look at the size of your dog, his age and energy levels before choosing dog food. When feeding your dog, don’t make it all complicated. All your dog wants is a simple, nutritious meal.

There are good commercially manufactured dog foods on the market and by reading the labeling you can ensure the best kibble for your pet. Try and give him some home made food too.

Boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta and spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots are a healthy choice for your pet – simple, tasty and nutritious. You can add a little bit of this twice a week to the dry kibble. Your dog will love it and it won’t cause any digestive problems.

Ensure there is always a bowl of fresh, cool water within his reach

Basic Information - Segugio Italiano for Sale

Hound dog
Height Male:
68 - 76 cm26 - 30 inches
Height Female:
68 - 76 cm26 - 30 inches
Weight Male:
16 - 27 kg35 - 60 pounds
Weight Female:
16 - 27 kg35 - 60 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 14 Years
Litter Size:
4 - 6
Large dog
Other Names:
Colors Available:
Tan, fawn, reddish-brown
Short and smooth or wiry
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Docile, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Low maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

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