Skye Terrier vs Airedale Terrier - Breed Comparison

Skye Terrier vs Airedale TerrierBoth Skye Terrier and Airedale Terrier are originated from United Kingdom. Skye Terrier may grow 35 cm / 13 inches shorter than Airedale Terrier. Skye Terrier may weigh 11 kg / 24 pounds lesser than Airedale Terrier. Skye Terrier may live 3 years more than Airedale Terrier. Skye Terrier may have less litter size than Airedale Terrier. Skye Terrier requires Moderate maintenance. But Airedale Terrier requires High maintenance

Basic Information

Terrier dog
Terrier dog
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Height Male:
23 - 26 cm
9 - 11 inches
58 - 61 cm
22 - 25 inches
Height Female:
23 - 26 cm
9 - 11 inches
56 - 59 cm
22 - 24 inches
Weight Male:
12 - 18 kg
26 - 40 pounds
23 - 29 kg
50 - 64 pounds
Weight Female:
12 - 18 kg
26 - 40 pounds
18 - 20 kg
39 - 45 pounds
Life Span:
12 - 15 Years
10 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
3 - 5
8 - 9
Medium dog
Medium dog
Other Names:
Waterside Terrier, Bingley Terrier, King of Terriers
Colors Available:
shades of grey, Fawn
Black & Tan
Long, straight, hard topcoat
Wire and Dense
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Docile, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Territorial
Alert, Courageous, Friendly, Independent, Intelligent, Outgoing, Protective, Responsive
Moderate maintenance
High maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:


skye terrierThe Skye Terrier is a hardy dog breed and is actually considered to be an endangered native dog breed in the United Kingdom.

They were found on the Isle of Skye, although there is some confusion about its history. They were used long ago to hunt but these days they are essentially companion dogs.

They found their way to America and the Skye Terrier Club of America was founded in 1938. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1887.

airedale terrierAiredale terrier got its name from a small river Aire in Leeds area in Great Britain. First information about Airedale terrier originates back in 1850. This breed was used as otter hunters. Airedale terrier was invented by mixing Otterhound, old English terrier, and a white bull-terrier. Airedale was used primarily for hunting otters, deer, or wild boars. Not just that, Airedale was a very good guard dog. During the war, this breed was used for delivery and it showed a lot of courage. One Airedale terrier even received a medal for its bravery in World War I. Today it is used as an official dog of National Police of Britain.


skye terrier puppyThe Skye Terrier is a medium-sized dog standing at between 23 and 26cm in height and weighing between 12 and 18kg. The legs are short and sturdy. He is double coated with the top coat being straight and hard and forming a beard around the face area. The coat can be fawn, and in various shades of grey which are sometimes even black. The ears of the dog are medium sized and erect.


The Skye Terrier has always been a hunting dog and he enjoys quite a bit of exercise – walks, ball games as well as indoor games. Small though he may be, he is strong willed with a mind of his own and will benefit from being trained and socialized.

This is also necessary as he has a fairly reserved nature. He gets on well with children and makes an excellent family pet but he is ready to take on smaller pets in the home. He will bark when confronting strangers and makes an excellent watchdog too.

He is able to adapt well into life in the city or the countryside. He isn’t a dog to be left outside day after day and will just die of boredom, frustration and loneliness.

airedale terrier puppyAverage height of Airedale terrier is approximately 56-61cm, while their average weight is 20-29kg. Females are slightly smaller than male dogs. A lifespan of an Airedale terrier variates and depends on the health of the dog but the average lifespan of this breed is 10-12. Litter Size of the Airedale terrier is approximately 8-9 puppies. Other Names Waterside Terrier, Bingley Terrier, King of Terriers

Health Problems

skye terrier dogThe Skye Terrier is a healthy dog breed. Perhaps the only issue that could be a problem with him is orthopedic problems. He is an achondroplastic dog, meaning a large body on small legs.

He could develop spinal problems if he were allowed to constantly be jumping off beds and high chairs.

Orthopedic problems affect the bones, muscles and joints and can actually be debilitating. Orthopedic conditions can be ligament tears or hip dysplasia for instance, accompanied by arthritis.

You’ll notice your dog has an abnormal way of walking or running, inability to get up once lying down and he may have arthritis and pain.Be careful because obesity can trigger problems with the joints and bones.

airedale terrier dogAiredale terrier is generally a very healthy dog, but as almost any breed, they can have some health issues. Hip dysplasia, cancer, and allergies can cause problems with this breed. You have to be very careful when choosing a perfect dog for you. Examine the family tree to avoid the possible genetic flaws.

Airedale terrier will be a healthy dog if you take a proper care, and with regular vet checks, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Caring The Pet

skye terrier puppies● The coat of the Skye Terrier is long and silky and will most certainly require brushing every day if you keep the hair long. Such silky hair can easily become matted.

● Little dogs like this will need their teeth being checked regularly. You can even try to buy special pet toothpaste and toothbrush and brush his teeth yourself. If you prefer, a professional dog groomer can do this for you and at the same time trim his nails and check his ears and clean the insides of the ears too to avoid infection.

● Provide him with his own warm, dry place to sleep.

● Don’t ignore his exercise needs. A dog without exercise will get sick.

● Provide him with top quality food as the quality of the dog food you buy makes a huge difference to his health and longevity. He is a small dog and there are some excellent commercially manufactured dog foods specially made for small, energetic dogs.

Try to include some home-made food for him which can be simply mixed into the dry kibble twice a week. Boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta and spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots is super tasty and nutritious. Ensure there is always a bowl of fresh, cool water within his reach.

● Have him neutered or spayed if you aren’t wanting puppies.

● Keep his vaccines up to date against some deadly canine diseases, and get him to the vet when he shows signs of illness.

● He isn't a large dog but will still need to be trained and socialized.

Feeding Airedale

airedale terrier puppiesAiredale feeding depends on how much daily activity has. Overall, for an average Airedale 1.5-2.5 cups of high-quality dry food, divided into a 2 meals is recommendable. It is better than leaving the whole food out all the time. Then again, if your dog is not very active or active more than an average dog, feeding should be organized for your dog’s needs.

Feeding the Airedale puppy

Airedale puppies should eat more than an adult dog. 3-5 meals per day are an optimal measure. Puppies need more meals per day for better development. Also, giving your puppy minerals and vitamins would improve overall health when it is fully grown dog.

Grooming Airedale Terrier

Airedale has a very interesting coat. The coat has two layers, topcoat which is strong, and undercoat which is soft. They do not shed a lot, but twice a year they shed more than the rest of the time. It is not very hard to groom Airedale terrier. Brushing is recommended once or twice a week. You can also bath your Airedale but not very often. Airedale doesn’t require trimming, but some owners decide to do that. It is up to you if you want to trim your dog.


skye terrier dogsGive the Skye Terrier the attention he wants and he will reward you with his loving companionship.

He loves the entire family but is best suited to homes where children have been taught to be kind to animals and to treat them with respect.

He has moderate energy levels and will expect you to give him a fair amount of exercise. The Skye Terrier can make an excellent companion for you and your family.

airedale terrier dogsAiredale terrier is an amazing and playful dog. They are very intelligent, hard-working, and athletic dogs. This breed has a lot of energy and stamina, so regular activity is a must for this breed. They are independent thinkers which can be challenging sometimes, but overall, if they have enough activity they are amazing and goofy pets.

It is not recommendable to leave your dog for a long period of time because it will get bored, and when it’s bored, they tend to become destructive. You don’t want to see destroyed home when you come back from work.

Airedale terrier is great watchdog too. They will protect family if it is necessary, but overall they are very friendly. They are very sensitive and gentle with kids. Also, with a proper socialization of the dog, they are very friendly towards another animal too.

Basically, the temperament of your Airedale terrier depends on training, socialization, and genes. If you properly train your dog, with good socialization you won’t be having any problems.

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