Skye Terrier vs Old Danish Pointer - Breed Comparison

Skye Terrier vs Old Danish PointerSkye Terrier is originated from United Kingdom but Old Danish Pointer is originated from Denmark. Skye Terrier may grow 34 cm / 13 inches shorter than Old Danish Pointer. Skye Terrier may weigh 17 kg / 37 pounds lesser than Old Danish Pointer. Both Skye Terrier and Old Danish Pointer has almost same life span. Both Skye Terrier and Old Danish Pointer has almost same litter size. Skye Terrier requires Moderate maintenance. But Old Danish Pointer requires Low maintenance

Basic Information

Terrier dog
Working dog
United Kingdom
Height Male:
23 - 26 cm
9 - 11 inches
50 - 60 cm
19 - 24 inches
Height Female:
23 - 26 cm
9 - 11 inches
50 - 60 cm
19 - 24 inches
Weight Male:
12 - 18 kg
26 - 40 pounds
26 - 35 kg
57 - 78 pounds
Weight Female:
12 - 18 kg
26 - 40 pounds
26 - 35 kg
57 - 78 pounds
Life Span:
12 - 15 Years
12 - 14 Years
Litter Size:
3 - 5
4 - 6
Medium dog
Medium dog
Other Names:
Old Danish Chicken Dog
Colors Available:
shades of grey, Fawn
freckling, White with reddish brown patches
Long, straight, hard topcoat
Smooth and short haired
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Docile, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Territorial
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Territorial
Moderate maintenance
Low maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:


skye terrierThe Skye Terrier is a hardy dog breed and is actually considered to be an endangered native dog breed in the United Kingdom.

They were found on the Isle of Skye, although there is some confusion about its history. They were used long ago to hunt but these days they are essentially companion dogs.

They found their way to America and the Skye Terrier Club of America was founded in 1938. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1887.

old danish pointerHailing from Denmark, the Old Danish Pointer originates back to 1710 and has been used as a pointing breed for finding game.

Today they are essentially used as pet companions. Morten Bak mated local farm dogs with gypsy breeds, leading to the development of piebald purebred dogs. These were named Old Danish Pointers.


skye terrier puppyThe Skye Terrier is a medium-sized dog standing at between 23 and 26cm in height and weighing between 12 and 18kg. The legs are short and sturdy. He is double coated with the top coat being straight and hard and forming a beard around the face area. The coat can be fawn, and in various shades of grey which are sometimes even black. The ears of the dog are medium sized and erect.


The Skye Terrier has always been a hunting dog and he enjoys quite a bit of exercise – walks, ball games as well as indoor games. Small though he may be, he is strong willed with a mind of his own and will benefit from being trained and socialized.

This is also necessary as he has a fairly reserved nature. He gets on well with children and makes an excellent family pet but he is ready to take on smaller pets in the home. He will bark when confronting strangers and makes an excellent watchdog too.

He is able to adapt well into life in the city or the countryside. He isn’t a dog to be left outside day after day and will just die of boredom, frustration and loneliness.

old danish pointer puppyThe Old Danish Pointer is a medium-sized, purebred dog standing at between 50 and 60cm in height and weighing between 26 and 35kg.

This beautiful dog is muscular and lean with a broad head, floppy ears and a long thin tail. The coat is smooth and short haired and is white with large reddish brown patches as well as some freckling.He is an average shedding dog.

He has dark brown eyes. He is amicable and gets on well with children in the home as well as with other dogs. Even so, it is best to have him trained and socialized as he becomes obedient and more amicable than he already is. If you decide to go in for breeding your dog, you can expect 4 to 6 puppies.


Quiet, calm and steady, the Danish Pointer is also stubborn, and this is why training and socialization is so important for him.

Outdoors and perhaps on a hunt he becomes highly animated and alive, but back home with his family he is a calm, loving, devoted family pet and loves spending time with his human family. He forms a close bond with his human owner and when he is well trained, he likes to please his owner.

He is intelligent too and finds learning new things easy.

Health Problems

skye terrier dogThe Skye Terrier is a healthy dog breed. Perhaps the only issue that could be a problem with him is orthopedic problems. He is an achondroplastic dog, meaning a large body on small legs.

He could develop spinal problems if he were allowed to constantly be jumping off beds and high chairs.

Orthopedic problems affect the bones, muscles and joints and can actually be debilitating. Orthopedic conditions can be ligament tears or hip dysplasia for instance, accompanied by arthritis.

You’ll notice your dog has an abnormal way of walking or running, inability to get up once lying down and he may have arthritis and pain.Be careful because obesity can trigger problems with the joints and bones.

old danish pointer dogThe Old Danish Pointer is a healthy dog and you’re not likely to be spending too much time at the vet with him.

However there are always dog illnesses that you need to look out for, and hip dysplasia is always on the top of the list.

Hip Dysplasia:

While this disease is more prevalent in larger dogs, it can strike smaller dogs too, and in fact dogs of any age. This is a condition where the hip joint doesn’t form properly, so that arthritis and inflammation sets in. It is very sad as you notice your once active dog becoming increasingly immobilized with pain and discomfort.

Eye and Ear Infections:

Eye infections can include entropion and ectropion – conditions where the eyelids irritate the surface of the eye.

Ear infections too, can cause your pet a lot of distress and he will shake his head and scratch his ears. Inside the ears, it will be red and possibly there will be a discharge. This is also more prevalent among dogs with floppy ears. The idea is to try and keep the inside of the ears clean and dry.

Caring The Pet

skye terrier puppies● The coat of the Skye Terrier is long and silky and will most certainly require brushing every day if you keep the hair long. Such silky hair can easily become matted.

● Little dogs like this will need their teeth being checked regularly. You can even try to buy special pet toothpaste and toothbrush and brush his teeth yourself. If you prefer, a professional dog groomer can do this for you and at the same time trim his nails and check his ears and clean the insides of the ears too to avoid infection.

● Provide him with his own warm, dry place to sleep.

● Don’t ignore his exercise needs. A dog without exercise will get sick.

● Provide him with top quality food as the quality of the dog food you buy makes a huge difference to his health and longevity. He is a small dog and there are some excellent commercially manufactured dog foods specially made for small, energetic dogs.

Try to include some home-made food for him which can be simply mixed into the dry kibble twice a week. Boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta and spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots is super tasty and nutritious. Ensure there is always a bowl of fresh, cool water within his reach.

● Have him neutered or spayed if you aren’t wanting puppies.

● Keep his vaccines up to date against some deadly canine diseases, and get him to the vet when he shows signs of illness.

● He isn't a large dog but will still need to be trained and socialized.


old danish pointer puppiesWith his short coat, the Old Danish Pointer is looked upon as a low maintenance breed. You can brush him twice a week and at the same time check him over for fleas and ticks, ear and eye infections as well as dental infections.

Check his nails too, as many dogs have been injured when their long nails have hooked onto things and ripped open the flesh. When he gets used to it, your pet will find these grooming sessions therapeutic and relaxing, loving the bonding time you spend with him.


Your beautiful Old Danish Pointer loves to spend time outdoors and he is far better suited to life in the countryside and in the suburbs as opposed to life in the city. Give him the chance to take part in a hunt, and he’ll relish it. He also loves long walks where he can even perhaps be let off the leash as well as the chance to go swimming. He is at his happiest when he is tired at the end of the day from hiking, running, swimming and camping.


You can conveniently feed your Old Danish Pointer from the top quality commercially manufactured foods. Just be sure to check the labeling as you want to be sure he gets in the right amount of vitamins and minerals and avoids those foods high in colorants, preservatives and useless fillers.

Keep your dog’s diet simple and nutritious and try to add in some homemade food to his kibble from time to time. Boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta and some cooked vegetables such as sweet potatoes, spinach and carrots will keep him healthy and active. You can also try to include some raw meat occasionally.

Make sure he always has access to cool, fresh drinking water.


skye terrier dogsGive the Skye Terrier the attention he wants and he will reward you with his loving companionship.

He loves the entire family but is best suited to homes where children have been taught to be kind to animals and to treat them with respect.

He has moderate energy levels and will expect you to give him a fair amount of exercise. The Skye Terrier can make an excellent companion for you and your family.

old danish pointer dogsNot only is the Old Danish Pointing Dog an excellent hunter, he is also friendly and loving when he is just being a pet.

These dogs are quiet, amicable pets enjoying the time they spend with their human family. He is low maintenance, he gets on well with children and other pets and he doesn’t spend his time barking endlessly at nothing.

When you take this well mannered, quiet, loving dog into your home, you can be prepared to have up to 14 brilliant years of companionship from him.

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