Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier vs American Bulldog - Breed Comparison

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier vs American Bulldog - Breed ComparisonSoft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is originated from United Kingdom but American Bulldog is originated from United States. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier may grow 20 cm / 7 inches shorter than American Bulldog. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier may weigh 34 kg / 74 pounds lesser than American Bulldog. Both Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and American Bulldog has almost same life span. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier may have less litter size than American Bulldog. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier requires Moderate maintenance. But American Bulldog requires Low maintenance


soft coated wheaten terrier - historyThis wheaten colored terrier hails from Ireland. Although the Wheaten has been around for a long time, it was in 1937 that he was recognized as a breed in Ireland.

The British Kennel Club also recognized the Wheaten and the dog was also exported to the United States. Serious interest started being shown for the Terrier in the 1970s. It was in 1973 that they were recognised by the American Kennel Club.

american bulldog - historyFollowing World War II, the American Bulldog was almost extinct.

Thanks to John D. Johnson from Summerville, Georgia the breed is still with us today. He gathered the best dogs he could find throughout the rural South and bred them back into popularity among his family and other rural families. His father bred the American Bulldog before John did and they have bred them longer than any other in any part of the world. His dogs were regularly used for tracking, hunting, guarding, watchdog and weight pulling. At some point Alan Scott joined Johnson breeding other bulldogs to Johnson's and forming the Standard American Bulldog.

The American Bulldog/ is popular today as a family pet and companion as well as a working dog.

Basic Information

Terrier dog
Working dog
United Kingdom
United States
Height Male:
43 - 50 cm
16 - 20 inches
55 - 70 cm
21 - 28 inches
Height Female:
43 - 50 cm
16 - 20 inches
52 - 65 cm
20 - 26 inches
Weight Male:
13 - 20 kg
28 - 45 pounds
32 - 54 kg
70 - 120 pounds
Weight Female:
13 - 20 kg
28 - 45 pounds
27 - 45 kg
59 - 100 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 15 Years
14 - 16 Years
Litter Size:
2 - 8
10 - 12
Medium dog
Medium dog
Other Names:
Wheaten, Wheatie
shades of brindle including red brindle, varying degrees of white, red, brown, tan, fawn and piebald.
Colors Available:
tan, gingerish, Fawn, wheaten
Brindle, mostly white, white with brown or red and piebald.
Soft, silky, wavy to curly
Short and smooth
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Docile, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Affectionate, Courageous, Friendly, Gentle, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Protective
Moderate maintenance
Low maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:


soft coated wheaten terrier puppy - descriptionThe Wheaten is a medium sized dog standing at between 43 and 50cm and weighing between 13 and 20kg both male and female. The coat of the dog is soft, silky and wavy to even curly and is a wheaten to ginger color.

The coat of the puppy is dark but as he grows up it changes into the wheaten color although the ears may be a dark brown color. Pet owners like that the Wheaten is a very low shedding dog.


Playful, social and friendly, the Wheaten has always been put to good use on the farm. These days he is pet and companion. He is energetic and playful so children love having him around.

He is slightly more hyper and energetic than other Terrier breeds so will require a good dose of exercise.

He is smart and strong willed, and training and socialization turns him into an amicable pet to have around, so much so that he is sought after as a therapy-dog.

They’re easy-going dogs with no aggression issues but they still make great watch dogs and want to do whatever it takes to look after- and protect their human family.

american bulldog puppy - descriptionThe American Bulldog is a powerful and muscular dog in a sturdy and compact frame. The female is more refined than the heavy boned and stocky male, but both genders are athletic, agile and quick. The have large heads, strong jaws, a muscular neck and with a moderately deep and wide chest.

They have a square head, with muscular cheeks and a clearly defined furrow between his eyes. With broad, square and strong muzzles, they have a reverse scissors, scissors, moderate underbite and an even bite. Ears come in a variety of shapes and sizes and eyes can be any color as well. The nose however should be black and lips black as well. Their legs are strong, heavy boned and straight with well-defined muscles in the hindquarters. Finally ,they have a thick, low set tail that comes to a point at the end.


soft coated wheaten terrier dog - characteristicsThe Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier has always made an excellent farm dog, but today he is more suited as pet and companion.

He adapts easily to life in the city or the countryside. Wherever he is, he will need his exercise. He also longs to be an active part of his human family, and then he’s happy, lively, social and friendly and is a great playmate for children.

He also gets on well with other dogs and will make you a fantastic family pet.

american bulldog dog - characteristicsThe American Bulldog is characteristically loyal, brave and reliable. It is a friendly, gentle dog that truly loves children. There is not a hostile bone in his body despite his history and reputation for bull baiting. Though he is protective of its family and affectionate with most, he still needs a human companion who is strong willed and a genuine pack leader. Without this he might become aggressive around other dogs and pets. They are immensely self-confident and they do slobber and drool and will become excited and hard to handle without daily exercise of both their body and their minds.

Health Problems

soft coated wheaten terrier puppies - health problemsWhen you bring a Wheaten Terrier into your home, you’re not likely to have too many vet fees as he tends to be a healthy dog breed, being able to reach 13, 14 or 15 years of age with good care.

Look out for a dog ailment known as Protein-losing enteropathy (PLE). This is a condition where the dog isn’t able to properly absorb protein in the digestive tract, so that it is passed in their stools.

It can be fatal, but if caught early, some dietary changes can keep it under control.

Also, look out for inflammatory bowel disease. This disease occurs when the stomach of the dog has a large number of inflammatory cells which can change the lining of the digestive tract, preventing the normal absorption of food.

american bulldog puppies - health problemsThough generally healthy, the American Bulldog is prone to a few problems.

Hip Dysplasia

This is a serious issue in many breeds of dogs and is especially prevalent with the American Bull Dog. This may seem ironic in such a short legged dog but it is unfortunately very common. It is a genetic disorder that causes the bones in the joint to separate and causes the dog much pain and lameness.

Skin and Ear Issues

Due to skin folds you need to be care and watch for irritation and infection in the folds. They are also prone to ear infections.


The American Bulldog is prone to overeating and all the health issues that presents. With short legs and a genetic predisposition to arthritis and hip dysplasia, obesity is a real health risk for your bulldog.

Caring The Pet


soft coated wheaten terrier dogs - caringBrush your pet’s silky coat twice a week. Such a silky coat can get all tangled and matted. If you prefer, many people opt to rather have the Wheaten’s coat professionally clipped as then it is easier to handle. They like to have the hair clipped that hangs over the dog’s eyes.

Other grooming tasks require you to check inside his ears for redness which could indicate an infection. Trim his nails and check him over for ticks and fleas.


Have your Wheatie trained and socialized as he is a stubborn dog breed and you want him to be well mannered and obedient.


Terriers like this are energetic dogs and he is going to need exercise every day. A walk for a dog is always a welcome experience as it gives him the opportunity to sniff around and pick up new smells. Play ball- or frisbee games with him as this can tire him out a bit.

Veterinary Care:

If your dog shows signs of illness, get him to the vet. He is such a feisty dog that it can be unbearable to see him out of sorts.


Terriers are energetic dogs so if you feed your dog one of the commercial dog foods, make sure the label indicates what food it is. This is because the foods are manufactured according to the type of dog it is, its age, size and energy levels.

Always try and go for the high quality foods which don’t have all those unhealthy ingredients in them. Try to include some home-made food – nothing exotic and spicy – just plain, wholesome food that won’t upset his stomach.

Boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta and spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots is super tasty and nutritious. You can chop it up and add it to your pet’s kibble twice a week.

Try and include a little bit of raw meat to his diet occasionally as this can go towards ensuring he doesn’t get skin diseases. Always ensure he has a constant supply of fresh, cool water available.

Feeding Puppies

american bulldog dogs - caringThree times a day from 12 weeks to a year for a total of 3 cups per day.

Feeding Adults

After 6 months cut back to one cup twice a day of high quality dry dog food.

Bulldogs will eat anything at anytime and are prone to obesity. Don't overfeed them.

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