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History - Wetterhoun for Sale

wetterhoun - historyThe Wetterhoun is a water dog developed in the 1500 or 1600s to hunt otters. The breed was developed by the Frisians in the Netherlands near the Northwest corner. In addition to catching otters in the lakes near by, they were also used as gundogs to hunt game. They are a fearless, tough and loyal working dog. They love the water and they are build for it with a waterproof coat and tight tail that is spiraled. They will swim happily in freezing cold weather as well.

The Wetterhoun is rare and not seen outside of the Netherlands. Descendent of the Water Dog, that is now extinct, he is probably a relative of many spaniel types that also call the Water Dog their ancestor. Yet the Wetterhoun is not a spaniel or spaniel type.

The breed almost disappeared during World War II, like many others, they brought back and are now becoming more and more popular. The breed is only recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale and the United Kennel Club. AKC does not recognize them, but there are many hunting clubs and other registries that do. They are often promoted as one of the rare breeds.

Basic Information - Wetterhoun for Sale

Sporting dog
Height Male:
55 - 59 cm21 - 24 inches
Height Female:
53 - 57 cm20 - 23 inches
Weight Male:
25 - 35 kg55 - 78 pounds
Weight Female:
23 - 33 kg50 - 73 pounds
Life Span:
12 - 14 Years
Litter Size:
6 - 8
Medium dog
Other Names:
Frisian Water Dog , Dutch Spaniel, Otterhoun
Colors Available:
black or black & white, Liver & white, Liver
Oily, Thick, Tight curls all over except smooth head, legs and ears. Coat must not be woolly. waterproof
Energetic, Friendly, Independent, Intelligent, Stubborn
Moderate maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

Description - Wetterhoun for Sale

wetterhoun puppy - descriptionThe Wetterhoun is a compact, medium sized breed weighing about 55 to 77 pounds. Great water dogs they are athletically built with low set ears hanging next to their heads, a waterproof coat, distinctive eyes with a very serious expression and a tightly curled tail held aloft over the back. Their coat is waterproof, somewhat oily, curly and thick. The fur is of a smoother texture on the ears, head, and legs. They can be solid black, solid brown, brown with white, or black with white.

Characteristics - Wetterhoun for Sale


Children friendliness -yes but large and active

2.Special talents loves to swim

wetterhoun dog - characteristics3.Adaptability – not a great apartment dog even though he is not that big. They need space. They need a job and they will finish their job at their own pace no matter what you say. It is impossible to train this trait out of them.

4.Learning ability Very high learning ability, very eager to learn and very smart. He is stubborn about finishing whatever job he is working on

Health Problems - Wetterhoun for Sale

wetterhoun puppies - health problemsA hardy and healthy breed they do not have severe health issues. But like every his

  • Hip Dysplasia – can lead to lameness and/or arthritis.

• Ear Infections – like any breed with hanging ears they can be prone to infection. This is particularly true because the dogs are in the water a lot. Be sure to clean and dry them after every water episode and inspect them on a regular basis even if the dog has not been in the water.

• Patellar Luxation – Knee cap issue with movement and inflammation. Can cause lameness and arthritis.

  • Hunting/Swimming Injuries.

Caring The Pet - Wetterhoun for Sale

wetterhoun dogs - caring1Feeding the puppy -This is an active, hunting and swimming breed. They need good nutrition and high quality puppy food. A food formulated for active breeds or hunting dogs would be best. Feed your puppy in smaller amounts 3-4 times per day.

2.Feeding the adult - This is an active, hunting and swimming breed. They need good nutrition and high quality adult food. A food formulated for active breeds or hunting dogs would be best. Feed your adult twice per day.

3.Points for Good Health - general excellent health

4. Games and Exercises – This is an active working dog that needs a lot of exercise every day. A 30 minute walk is only the beginning. They need outdoor time to play and run. They need to swim if at all possible.

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