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Yorkillon vs AffenpinscherYorkillon is originated from United States but Affenpinscher is originated from Germany. Yorkillon may grow 7 cm / 2 inches shorter than Affenpinscher. Both Yorkillon and Affenpinscher are having almost same weight. Both Yorkillon and Affenpinscher has almost same life span. Yorkillon may have more litter size than Affenpinscher. Yorkillon requires Moderate maintenance. But Affenpinscher requires High maintenance

Basic Information

Toy dog
Toy dog
United States
Height Male:
17 - 23 cm
6 - 10 inches
23 - 30 cm
9 - 12 inches
Height Female:
15 - 21 cm
5 - 9 inches
21 - 28 cm
8 - 12 inches
Weight Male:
1 - 4 kg
2 - 9 pounds
2 - 6 kg
4 - 14 pounds
Weight Female:
1 - 4 kg
2 - 9 pounds
2 - 5 kg
4 - 12 pounds
Life Span:
12 - 14 Years
11 - 13 Years
Litter Size:
2 - 6
1 - 3
Toy dog
Toy dog
Other Names:
Papa-ShirePapa-Shire • Papiyork • Yorkie Pap Papillon-Yorkshire Terrier Mix, Papillon-Yorkie Mix,
Monkey dog, Affen or Affie
Colors Available:
White, brown and white, light brown/golden, dark brown/chocolate, black and brown, black
Black, Belge, Tan, Grey, Silver and Red
Straight, medium, fine fine, soft coat
Short Medium
Alert, Energetic, Friendly, Loving, Loyal, Playful
Affectionate, Alert, Curious, Loyal, Playful, Quiet
Moderate maintenance
High maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:


The Yorkillon is a bighearted cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Papillon. They are small dogs with huge attitudes and big ears. They are known to be sassy and get into trouble. They are playful, affectionate and intelligent. They were initially developed in the US sometime about 20-30 years ago. Not recognized by the American Kennel Club as they are considered designer dogs or mixed breeds

affenpinscherThis breed originated from Germany. The latest information on this breed is from the 17th century. Actually, Affenpinscher got its name from Affe, which means monkey. Their accentors considered to be Brussels Griffon and Mini Schnauzer. People trained this breed to be a working dog, to remove rodents, granaries, and stables from the living area.


The Yorkillon is a small dog that can look like a Yorkie or a Papillon but most due have large ears like the Papillon. Both parent breeds have long hair and short legs. There is still a lot of first generation breeding, but most are now products of multigenerational breeding. This means that every puppy can look different and no two are likely to look the same.

affenpinscher puppyAffenpinscher is a toy size breed and it weights between 2.6 kg to 6 kg. There is no big difference between male and a female dog.

The height of the breed is approximately 23 to 30cm. They have monkey-like expressions, and that is why it got its name. The primary color of the coat is black, but it can be gray, brown, red, white). Every club has a list of acceptable colors. Not all the colors are accepted in every country.

The lifespan of Affenpinscher variates from dog to dog, but it is on average 11.4. That is a typical lifespan of dog that size, but they can live much more depends on the care and health of the dog.

Litter size of Affenpinscher is 1-3 puppies. They are very small dogs, so having a small number of puppies is normal for mini breeds.

Other Names of Affenpinscher are monkey dog, Affen or Affie. All the other names are related to its size and monkey-like look.

Health Problems

There are not a lot of hereditary health issues but there are some issues they can be prone to: • Patellar Luxation – slipped knee caps can lead to lameness. • Epilepsy – can be treated with medication. • Diabetes – can be treated with medication • Legg Calve Perthes Disease – blood disorder affecting hind leg bones. • Heart defects • Tracheal collapse • Hip dysplasia – can cause lameness.

affenpinscher dogIt is very important to choose a quality puppy from a quality breed. Affenpinscher can have some health problems. Hip dysplasia collapsed trachea, and the luxating patella is the most common health complications of this breed. But, the most of the dogs die of an old age, so if you are choosing wisely, and with proper education and consulting, you will have a happy and a healthy dog.

Caring The Pet

1.Feeding the puppy Feed a high quality toy puppy food 3-4 meals per day a total of ¼ cup for the day. 2.Feeding the adult Feed a high quality toy puppy food 1-2 meals per day a total of ½ cup for the day. 3.Points for Good Health – No inherited issues. 4. Games and Exercises – These are high energy dogs as both parent breeds are such. They need to run, love having a fenced yard, 15-20 minute walks per day.

affenpinscher puppiesAffenpinscher daily amount food should be based on a size and activity of the dog. But approximately ¼ or ½ cup of high-quality food should be enough for your dog. It is recommended to divide into two meals per day. You can also add some vegetables, oil, meat or fruits into a meal, but only small size portions.

Feeding Affenpinscher puppy

Feeding Affenpinscher puppy is similar to feeding an adult dog. The difference is in a number of meals per day. It is recommended to give 3-5 portions per day for a puppy.

Also giving vitamins and minerals to a puppy dog is very important for health.

Grooming Affenpinscher

Grooming the Affenpinscher could be a challenging task. It requires regular care with every day brushing and cleaning. They have a strong and rough coat. A good side of that is Affen size. They are not big, so there wouldn’t be a lot to groom.


1.Children friendliness yes but be careful the children do not hurt the small dogs. This is particularly true regarding the risk of tracheal collapse. 2.Special talents – loves to do tricks 3.Adaptability – can live anywhere in an apartment as well as a home, but he would prefer to have a fenced yard to run in. 4.Learning ability – extremely smart and very obedient

Characteristics of Affenpinscher

affenpinscher dogsAffenpinscher is a toy sized dog, so they are fragile and you always have to watch out for them. They require a lot of training because they are very stubborn. Breed experts recommend positive training because they can’t respond badly and get depressed if you practice old ways of practice, which include punishments.

They tend to bark a lot and can be unfriendly to guests and other animals. It is important to train them properly and to spend as much time as they can with other animals.

The great thing about Affenpinscher is that they are very easy to carry around and they are beautiful little dogs. They are braver than most of the toy dogs because of the terrier descent. The funny thing about them is that they take themselves very seriously which can be very funny to the owners.

They don’t need a lot of exercises. They love walking, but they do not require a lot of it.

Affenpinscher is a great watch dog. They tend to protect the house and they are amazing dogs for watching.

They are not very good with children because they are very sensitive and they love attention. It is also important not to spoil them, even if it’s funny sometimes, it is not recommended to spoil your dog.

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