Alaunt Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Alaunt for Sale

Working dogs
Height Male:
56 - 85 cm22 - 34 inches
Height Female:
50 - 80 cm19 - 32 inches
Weight Male:
20 - 68 kg44 - 150 pounds
Weight Female:
16 - 60 kg35 - 133 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
6 - 10
Other Names:
White Kazbegi, White Balkan dogs, Alaunt Gentil, Alaunt de Boucherie, Boucherie
Colors Available:
Minimal, Seasonal
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Gentle, Lively, Loyal, Protective
Low Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Alaunt for Sale

alauntAlaunt is an extinct breed that existed 3000 years ago since 300 years ago. They were very popular dogs and people used them for many different tasks. They were a perfect working dog, but also they were used for wars and many other situations. Since the migrating was very common through the history, there were many different Alaunt breeds all over the Europe and Asia. Alaunt originated from central Asia, probably Afghanistan.

Description - Alaunt for Sale

alaunt puppyWeight of the Alaunt variates and it depended from dog to dog. The average weight of this breed was 20-68kg. While their height was 56-85cm. Females were slightly smaller with an average weight of 16-60kg, with a height of 50-80cm.

A lifespan of Alaunt was 10-12 years. Litter Size of an average Alaunt was 6-10 puppies.

Other Names for Alaunt are White Kazbegi, White Balkan dogs, Alaunt Gentil, Alaunt de Boucherie, Boucherie

Health Problems - Alaunt for Sale

alaunt dogAlaunt was considered as a very healthy dog without any major issues. As every other breed they probably had some health problems, but overall this breed was very healthy and strong breed. Because of their health, they lived over 3000 years through many difficulties in the history of humankind.

Caring The Pet - Alaunt for Sale

Feeding the Alaunt

alaunt puppiesSince this breed extinct 300 years ago they probably eat leftovers from their owners.

Grooming Alaunt

Grooming Alaunt was a very easy job, they had short and smooth hair so they did not require a lot of grooming.

Characteristics - Alaunt for Sale

alaunt dogsThis breed was very powerful. They could adjust to any climate without any problems. Alaunt needed a lot of exercises because they were very strong and active dogs. They were also very intelligent dogs who knew what it wanted. People loved this breed because they were very smart, but also the perfect companion in every situation. Very protective but kind breed was loved in many countries.

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