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labrador retriever dog

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has its origin from Newfoundland which is an island.Dorset Eskimos are the people who settled down first in Newfoundland. Newfo..

Sporting dogLarge dogCanada
newfoundland dog dog

Newfoundland Dog

The Newfoundland dog is a large working dog. They were bred and used as a working dog for fishermen in the Dominion of Newfoundland, an eastern provin..

Working dogGiant dogCanada
labrador husky dog

Labrador Husky

The Labrador Husky is a purebred, spitz-type dog which looks much like a Wolf. People think because it has the name Labrador Husky it is a cross betwe..

Working dogLarge dogCanada
bernedoodle dog


The Bernedoodle is a hybrid cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Standard Poodle. They have been around for many, many years but the first o..

Companion dogLarge dogCanada
canadian eskimo dog dog

Canadian Eskimo Dog

The Canadian Eskimo Dog dates way back to more than 4,000 years ago. This Arctic breed of dog was developed to pull sleds, and wasn’t considered as a ..

Working dogMedium dogCanada
nova scotia duck tolling retriever dog

Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog was bred in the 19th-century in Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada. They were used as hunting dogs. Known as th..

Sporting dogMedium dogCanada
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Nebolish Mastiff

With the Mastiff breeds, the rarest and the smallest is the Nebolish Mastiff. Bred to be more agile than the giant mastiffs, the Nebolish was develope..

Molosser dogsGiant dogCanada
seppala siberian sleddog dog

Seppala Siberian Sleddog

This is a rare working dog breed whose job it has been to pull sleds. The Seppala Siberian Sleddog hails from Canada and was regarded as the same dog ..

Working dogMedium dogCanada
tahltan bear dog dog

Tahltan Bear Dog

The primitive Tahltan Bear Dog comes from Canada. The dog was developed by the Tahltan people to hunt bears, so you can imagine he was a strong, brave..

Working dogMedium dogCanada
st john s water dog dog

St. John's Water Dog

The breed known as the St. John’s water dog is an extinct landrace breed. They were domestic dogs found in Newfoundland and at times were called the l..

Working dogLarge dogCanada
valley bulldog dog

Valley Bulldog

The Valley Bulldog originates from Nova Scotia, Canada. It is thought that the Boxer, English Bulldog and the Olde English Bulldogge have been used to..

Companion dogMedium dogCanada

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