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danish broholmer dog

Danish Broholmer

The Danish Broholmer is also known as the Danish Mastiff. This is a large dog which comes from Denmark. Known as a molosser breed, the dog used to ..

Molosser dogsLarge dogDenmark
danish swedish farmdog dog

Danish Swedish Farmdog

The Danish Swedish Farmdog has over the centuries been a versatile dog, working on farms. The history of this dog goes way back to the 1700s, being fo..

Working dogSmall dogDenmark
stabyhoun dog


The Stabyhoun is a near extinct breed and one of the rarest ever. He was never recognized by the major kennel clubs but was entered into Foundation St..

Gun dogMedium dogDenmark
broholmer dog


This giant dog, the Broholmer, comes from Denmark and falls into the general Molosser type of Mastiff dog. The breed was originally developed by cross..

Molosser dogsGiant dogDenmark
old danish pointer dog

Old Danish Pointer

Hailing from Denmark, the Old Danish Pointer originates back to 1710 and has been used as a pointing breed for finding game. Today they are essent..

Working dogMedium dogDenmark

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