Saluki vs Longhaired Weimaraner - Breed Comparison

Saluki vs Longhaired Weimaraner - Breed ComparisonSaluki is originated from Iraq but Longhaired Weimaraner is originated from Germany. Both Saluki and Longhaired Weimaraner are having almost same height. Saluki may weigh 10 kg / 22 pounds lesser than Longhaired Weimaraner. Both Saluki and Longhaired Weimaraner has same life span. Both Saluki and Longhaired Weimaraner has same litter size. Both Saluki and Longhaired Weimaraner requires Moderate maintenance.


saluki - historyIt seems as though the Saluki's origins go far back to ancient Egypt times. The dog is known for its superb hunting abilities.

These dogs have been known in the Middle East and could be found in Iran and Egypt too. Breeding with other dogs was forbidden so the Saluki has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

It has always been known over the centuries for its superb grace and speed as well as endurance. He is capable of that because of the tall, sleek, muscular body and long, narrow head.

The Saluki came to England in the 1900s, and today the dog comes in quite a few variations.

longhaired weimaraner - historyYou may be used to the sleek, silver shorthaired Weimaraner, but did you know you get a beautiful long haired version too? Known also as the Long Coated Weimaraner or the ‘Gray Ghost’, with its mesmerising amber eyes, the less common long haired variety shares a similar history as the more familiar short haired version.

The dog originates in Germany and was developed to be a hunting dog. It is believed that the silver dog dates back to the early 1800’s, and in 1897 the first breed club in Germany was formed to protect the future of this dog.

The longhair coat is recognized in all countries except the American Kennel Club.


saluki puppy - descriptionThe Saluki is a graceful, elegant looking dog, deep chested and long legged, much like the Greyhound and fairly closely related to the Afghan Hound.

They stand at between 58 and 71cm and weigh between 16 to 29kg. The head is long and narrow, the eyes large and the dog has floppy ears. The tail is long and curved. The coat of the Saluki comes in a number of different colours and these can be fawn, cream, white, tan, some black or it can have a blend of all these colours. The coat of this dog comes in two types - smooth and the feathered type. The fur is always beautifully silky and is considered to be low-shedding.

These dogs are also very fast runners, and if you check the Guinness Book of Records, you’ll see that the Saluki is listed there as being one of the fastest dogs with tremendous stamina.


Th Saluki is a beautiful, quiet, dignified, reserved, loyal dog. You can just see that he is intelligent. He is certainly affectionate with his human family but you wouldn’t call him demonstrative. He isn’t the kind of dog to be wildly prancing around wagging his tail furiously.

He’s the kind of dog that likes to give chase so you’ll need a large garden for him. It’s why he isn’t suited for city life on a small property. The countryside is a far better option for this tall dog.

When he’s not outdoors, he can easily curl up on your sofa for a few hours of utter relaxation. Training and socialization will be necessary for this shy dog as it not only makes him obedient, but it gives him some confidence with knowing how to behave in different circumstances. He’ll get on well with older children, but is fairly indifferent and intolerant to small kids, especially those that are undisciplined and left to climb over him.

longhaired weimaraner puppy - descriptionThe Longhair Weimaraner with its eye-catching grey coat is a large dog that stands between 58 and 70cm and weighs between 25 to 40kg.

These dogs, unlike the short haired version, have the tail traditionally long and the tail is feathered. The eyes are a blue-green, amber or grey color. The grey coat is soft and silky and even though it is quite long, a brush twice a week will keep it in tip-top condition.


The Longhaired Weimaraner’s temperament is the same as the short haired variety. He is also a superb field dog with excellent hunting skills.

They’re very active dogs, looking for plenty of mental and physical stimulation. For first-time dog owners, this might prove to be too demanding, so the long haired Weimaraner might not be the best first-choice dog to get.

They can be aggressive when meeting new people and he will certainly require training and socialization if you want him to be calm and obedient.


saluki dog - characteristicsThe Saluki loves his human family, and he’s the kind of dog that wouldn’t like to be owned by one family ad then given away to another later on. That's why make sure when you get your Saluki your intentions are to keep him.

He likes to be comfortable too when they’re not running outside, and a good bed is important to him. Salukis are naturally thin, so make sure not to overfeed him. These are quiet, calm dogs, but over the centuries they've been making reliable, steadfast pets and companions.

longhaired weimaraner dog - characteristicsYour Long Haired Weimaraner is a friendly, alert dog that makes for an excellent companion and watchdog. The fact that he is also restless, confident, independent and strong-willed means that training and socialization will be necessary to make him pleasant and obedient.

You can’t always count on him to be amicable as he also has a bit of an aggressive side.

The way your Long Haired Weimaraner turns out will depend on heredity, the personality of the owner as well as training and socialization.

These dogs want to be with their human family and will follow the owner around and contentedly lie at their feet. Once he's trained, the Weimaraner is guaranteed to make you a fine family companion.

Health Problems

saluki puppies - health problemsWe always mention hip dysplasia as a common dog ailment as so many dog breeds can succumb to this ailment. With the Saluki, hip dysplasia is uncommon. Cancer and cardiac issues are more prevalent with these dogs.


It is sad to realize that dogs are susceptible to the same types of cancer as people are. If the uncontrolled growth of cells in the body isn’t discovered in time, cancer can reach the circulatory or lymph systems and other parts of the body. In fact, cancer is the leading cause of death with dogs. The good news is that it is treatable if you catch it in the early stages.

One of the more common types of cancer in dogs is Lymphoma. This can affect any dog, and at any age too. There are swollen lymph nodes under the neck and the dog can have trouble with breathing and digestion. You’ll notice lumps underneath the dog's skin, abnormal discharges from the eyes, ears or rectum, non-healing wounds, coughing and pain.

longhaired weimaraner puppies - health problemsHip Dysplasia is a medical threat to all dog breeds and fortunately the Weimaraner is a dog breed that has a low rate of dysplasia. When buying a Long Haired Weimaraner, try and get one from breeders who have had their breeding dogs hip-tested.

You’ll notice that the Weimaraner is a deep-chested dog and he is prone to bloating, which can turn out to be life threatening for your dog if not treated immediately.

The stomach twists and is swollen with no bowel movements. The dog is restless and in distress and needs immediate attention. To help, instead of giving one large meal which is gobbled up quickly, give him 2 smaller meals.

Skin allergies are also quite common in these dogs and you don’t want your silver dogs coat going off as it is his crowning glory.

If he is scratching, his skin is dry, red and itchy, get him to the vet as it can even be parasites at work, causing an allergic reaction.

Caring The Pet

saluki dogs - caringThese tall, slender dogs love to run free and it's the kind of dog that will need regular and different forms of exercise.

Provide your Saluki with a comfortable, warm, dry bed with lots of padding.

The Saluki has smooth, silky hair so brush it twice a week to keep it gleaming.

To help your Saluki have a strong immune system, he needs the best food there is. Good food packed with vitamins and minerals instead of preservative and colorants will help him fight diseases like cancer.

Commercially manufactured dog foods can be wonderfully convenient and nutritious if you get the better quality ones. Give him some home-made food too and add it twice a week to the dry kibble. This will provide variety and a tasty treat. Boiled chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach are simple foods – just like dogs want.

Try and include some raw meat occasionally. Fresh, cool water should always be available around the clock.


longhaired weimaraner dogs - caringWhen you bring a Long Haired Weimaraner home, you will need to invest in brush and comb for his long hair. They’re active dogs and love nothing more than running in a field, rolling in mud and being very active.

His coat will need to be brushed at least twice a week to keep it looking silvery and shimmering. Check the ears, eyes and teeth whenever you brush him and get used to cleaning his teeth regularly too.

If in doubt about how to keep your pet well groomed in terms of looks and health, speak to a dog expert, your vet or professional groomer.


Your ‘Gray Ghost’ dog has been a very successful hunting dog, and they are high-energy gun dogs. As a large dog he will have particular nutritional needs to fuel his energetic lifestyle.The dog’s high activity levels need to be taken into account when looking at his diet.

Buy the best commercially manufactured food. Add to his kibble some cooked chicken, brown rice or pasta and cooked or raw vegetables from time to time as well as bits of raw meat. Your dog will thank you for keeping his meals simple but nutritious.

Basic Information

Hound dog
Gun dog
Height Male:
58 - 71 cm
22 - 28 inches
58 - 70 cm
22 - 28 inches
Height Female:
58 - 71 cm
22 - 28 inches
58 - 70 cm
22 - 28 inches
Weight Male:
16 - 30 kg
35 - 67 pounds
25 - 40 kg
55 - 89 pounds
Weight Female:
16 - 30 kg
35 - 67 pounds
25 - 40 kg
55 - 89 pounds
Life Span:
12 - 14 Years
11 - 14 Years
Litter Size:
4 - 8
6 - 8
Large dog
Large dog
Other Names:
Persian Greyhound, Gazelle Hound
Grey Ghost, Weim
Colors Available:
white, Fawn, cream, some black - blend of colors, tan
Smooth or feathered - always silky
Long, soft and silky
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Docile, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Affectionate, Aggressive, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Moderate maintenance
Moderate maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

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