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History - Slovakian Hound for Sale

slovakian hound - historyThe Slovakian Hound is also known as the Slovenský Kopov or the Black Forest Hound. This is a scenthound which comes from Slovakia in Central Europe and has been bred for boar hunting.

The breed was first recognized in the 1870s, with dogs such as the Austrian Black and Tan Hound as well as the Hungarian Greyhound being thought to be part of dogs ancestry. The breed club was established in 1988 and is recognized by the FCI.

Basic Information - Slovakian Hound for Sale

Sporting dog
Height Male:
43 - 47 cm16 - 19 inches
Height Female:
43 - 47 cm16 - 19 inches
Weight Male:
14 - 17 kg30 - 38 pounds
Weight Female:
14 - 17 kg30 - 38 pounds
Life Span:
11 - 14 Years
Litter Size:
2 - 6
Medium dog
Other Names:
Slovenský Kopov
Colors Available:
Black and tan
Short and thick
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Docile, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Low maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

Description - Slovakian Hound for Sale

slovakian hound puppy - descriptionThe Slovakian Hound is a muscular dog of medium height and with a long tail and long drop ears. The short coat is always black with tan markings.

These compact looking dogs stand in height at about 43 to 47cm and weigh in the region of 14 to 17kg. The face is friendly and the eyes alert and bright.


Independent and intelligent, the Solvakian Hound will learn some basic commands easily. He is adaptable and will fit into life in the countryside as well as the city, so long as he is well exercised.

He is a sociable, playful dog and will do well with children, particularly if he has been trained and socialized. He is also a good choice for the first-time dog owner. He is alert and makes a good watchdog too.

Characteristics - Slovakian Hound for Sale

slovakian hound dog - characteristicsHis job as a hunting dog has meant that the Slovakian Hound is a brave, energetic, determined dog.

As a pet and companion, you won’t be disappointed as he puts as much effort into his relationships with his human family as he does with hunting.

This amicable dog makes a wonderfully loyal and devoted pet, companion and guard dog.

Health Problems - Slovakian Hound for Sale

slovakian hound puppies - health problemsMost dogs at some or other time will be faced with a particular health challenge. Most times the veterinarian can fix these problems with the right kind of treatment.

The Slovakian Hound is a healthy dog breed and you aren’t likely to come up with too many problems, though it it wise to be aware of some of the more common dog illnesses there are -

Hearing and Vision Loss:

This is something you can expect as your Slovakian Hound ages. It is brought on by tissue degeneration. With eyes, dogs can develop cataracts. With his ears, consistently cleaning and watching out for ear infections can also help with slowing down hearing loss.

Joint Problems:

Apart from hip dysplasia which can start with even very young dogs, osteoarthritis can cause joint pain and stiffness of joints. It’s a degenerative disease, but fortunately there are a number of treatments to alleviate pain. Remember that nutrition plays a huge role in reducing joint problems in dogs.


Cancer is also a disease that has no respect for the age of the dog or dog breed. When you brush your pet, feel for any unusual lumps. Not all lumps are cancerous but it will be a good idea to have your pet checked over by the vet.

Caring The Pet - Slovakian Hound for Sale

slovakian hound dogs - caring● Like every other dog, the Slovakian Hound will need exercise if he is to remain healthy and fit. There are lots of back-yard games for dogs such as hide and seek and ball and rope games. He will also love a daily walk.

● Always provide your dog with the best food there is as this encourages good health. Your Slovakian Hound requires top quality food, and while there are some good commercially manufactured foods on the market, it is important to choose the high quality ones that have natural, good ingredients in them.

Try to include some home-made food for him which can be simply mixed into the dry kibble twice a week. Boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta and spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots is super tasty and nutritious. Also try to include some raw meat into the diet occasionally as this helps with preventing skin diseases.

Make sure he always has access to clean, fresh water.

● Trim your Slovakian Hound's nails and check his eyes and ears for infection. The inside of the ears shouldn’t be red and the eyes should be clear and bright. If he will allow you to, check inside his mouth too to make sure there are no bad teeth.

● Provide your dog with a warm, dry place to sleep.

● Never, ever leave him in a hot car unattended to.

● Don’t allow your dog to have puppies. There are so many unwanted puppies all over the world. Rather have him or her spayed or neutered to avoid puppies that nobody wants. It is beneficial for his health too.

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