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History - Volpino Italiano for Sale

volpino italiano - historyThis Italian bred dog is Spitz-type and very ancient. The Spitz breeds have been around since at least 4000BC. Archeologists have found remains that match the Spitz heritage of fox like heads, curly tails, erect small ears. In Greece in 400BC there were engravings of these dogs. Michelangelo painted the breed as he lived with one. In 1888, the Queen of England – Victoria – brought 6 back to England from Florence.

The Italians have loved the Volpino for centuries. These little dogs that resemble the Pomeranian so much but existed much before them. It was very early in the history of the domesticated dog that the Volpino moved from north to south. The Italians called them Volpino because it means foxy dog. They also called them Lupino which means wolfy dog.

The breed was never seen outside of its home range in Italy until the 1880’s and it is still a rare breed. However since the 1980’s the breeders of the American Eskimo brought some from Italy to the US and claimed they were American Ekimo runts. They interbred the Volpino with the American Eskimo creating the toy and mini Eskimo.

The Volpino was a guard dog alerting the Mastiffs to the presence of intruders. The Mastiff would then respond to the intruder. The Volpino was also a popular companion animal due to their easy temperament and their high intelligence level. However they grew less popular and by 1965 there were only a few registered dogs left. There was an attempt to revive the breed in 1984 when dogs that still lived on farms were used as new stock. Even with this, they remain a rare breed and only about 4000 are alive throughout the world.

The Volpino have been denied AKC registration or stock registration as they are considered to be too much like the American Eskimo Dog. However they are recognized by the FCI, the UKC, the ENCI (Italian National Kennel Club), the North American Volpino Club, the Volpino Italiano Health and Genealogy Club and the Volpino Club of America.

Description - Volpino Italiano for Sale

volpino italiano puppy - descriptionThe Volpino is about the same size as the Pomeranian and smaller than the American Eskimo Dog. They are a rare breed and they have a soft, thick coat and they can be red, white or champagne. With the pointed ears and muzzles, they do look like a fox. They have large thick tails curling over their back and they have double coats.

Characteristics - Volpino Italiano for Sale


1Children friendliness yes but better with older children than young ones

2.Special talents – loyalty and playfulness – people are his specialty

3.Adaptability very could live anywhere

4.Learning ability high loves to learn, very intelligent

Health Problems - Volpino Italiano for Sale

Health Problems

volpino italiano puppies - health problemsThe Italian Volpino has better health than most dogs due to so much isolation for so many years. However they are susceptible to some diseases and genetic issues.

• PLL Primary Lens Luxation – Genetic mutation of the eye. Very painful and usually occurs between 4 and 8 years of age. Usually results in euthanasia.

• Patellar Luxation – moving knee cap – can result in lameness and/or arthritis.

  • Cardiac Issues

Caring The Pet - Volpino Italiano for Sale

Caring for Pet

volpino italiano dogs - caring1Feeding the puppy small meals 3-4 times day don’t overfeed feed small breed food

2.Feeding the adult small meals 2x day don’t overfeed small breed food

3.Points for Good Health general excellent health

4. Games and Exercises

don’t require much Agility, nose work, and rally

Basic Information - Volpino Italiano for Sale

Toy dog
Height Male:
25 - 30 cm9 - 12 inches
Height Female:
23 - 28 cm9 - 12 inches
Weight Male:
9 - 12 kg19 - 27 pounds
Weight Female:
7 - 10 kg15 - 23 pounds
Life Span:
14 - 16 Years
Litter Size:
4 - 6
Toy dog
Other Names:
Cane del Quirinale Florentine Spitz Italian Spitz Pom Spitz Volpino
Colors Available:
fawn, mostly white in past were black, honey, sable, champagne, red
long and bushy coat
Affectionate, Curious, Energetic, Intelligent, Loyal, Playful
High maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

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