Norrbottenspets vs Doberman Pinscher - Breed Comparison

Norrbottenspets vs Doberman Pinscher - Breed ComparisonNorrbottenspets is originated from Sweden but Doberman Pinscher is originated from Germany. Norrbottenspets may grow 26 cm / 10 inches shorter than Doberman Pinscher. Norrbottenspets may weigh 30 kg / 66 pounds lesser than Doberman Pinscher. Norrbottenspets may live 4 years more than Doberman Pinscher. Norrbottenspets may have less litter size than Doberman Pinscher. Both Norrbottenspets and Doberman Pinscher requires Low maintenance.


norrbottenspets - historyThe Norrbottenspets is an ancient dog breed whose purpose has been to hunt, although these days he is a companion dog.

Hailing from Noorbotten, Sweden, it was after the second world war that the breed almost became extinct. This was because hunting dogs were no longer needed.

Luckily a breeding program was started, and in 1967 the Swedish Kennel Club registered the dog and a new standard was written. His friendly, amicable nature makes him a sought after companion today.

doberman pinscher - historyThe origin of Doberman is Apolda, in Germany in 1890. It was officially recognized as a breed in 1900. The name originally called as Thuringer pinscher or Plizeilichi and the peer was renamed as DOBERMAN PINSCHER in 1899.American Kennel Club recognized DOBERMAN PINSCHER in 1908. The German tax collector called Karl friedrich developed Doberman.

He developed a breed that would be able to protect him from his surroundings and from his neighborhoods. This Dober also ran as a local animal shelter and approch many dogs for his breeding program. But karl did not kept any proper records or document for this breeds origin. Dobeis are also found through United States, Russia and South Africa.

Basic Information

Hound dog
Working dog
Height Male:
42 - 46 cm
16 - 19 inches
66 - 72 cm
25 - 29 inches
Height Female:
42 - 46 cm
16 - 19 inches
61 - 68 cm
24 - 27 inches
Weight Male:
8 - 15 kg
17 - 34 pounds
40 - 45 kg
88 - 100 pounds
Weight Female:
8 - 15 kg
17 - 34 pounds
32 - 35 kg
70 - 78 pounds
Life Span:
12 - 15 Years
9 - 11 Years
Litter Size:
3 - 5
5 - 10
Medium dog
Large dog
Other Names:
Norrbottenspitz, Nordic Spitz
Colors Available:
Yellowish, White, Reddish
Blue, Blue & Rust, White, Black, Fawn, Fawn & Rust, Black & Rust, Red, Red & Rust
Short to medium length
Short and Thick
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Aggressive, Alert, Courageous, Energetic, Intelligent, Loyal, Protective, Quiet
Low maintenance
Low maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:


norrbottenspets puppy - descriptionThe Norrbottenspets is a small to medium sized spitz- type dog but he is muscular and compact. He stands at between 42 – 46cm in height and weighs in at between 8 and 15kg.

With good care he can live to be up to 15 years of age. The coat of the dog is straight and dense and you find quite a few colors such as white, yellow and reddish and sometimes there is a bit of ticking. He has a short to medium length waterproof coat which is dense.The outer coat is coarse with straight hair and the undercoat is soft and thick and the dog is a moderate shedder.

The head is wedge-shaped with erect ears, black nose and brown almond-shaped eyes. The muzzle is pointed and slim and the dog's tail is long and curls up over his back


Confident, alert and active, the Norbottenspets is an active, happy-go-lucky kind of dog, always looking for a game. It is why he gets on well with children in the home – he can sense that there is perhaps a better chance of a game with them.

He isn’t a prey-driven dog and gets on well with other pets in the home. He makes an excellent family pet and his very presence brings joy into a room as he is always cheerful.

He is stubborn and independent and will therefore require training and socialization to become obedient to your basic commands such as sit, lie-down and come.

doberman pinscher puppy - descriptionDobermans are certainly shorthaired mixed –breed shepherd dogs, this kind of dogs are chosen only for their intelligent, sound and endure. This breed is best in attitude and appearance, and now it is found in world wide. Dobermans are highly intelligent and fast runners. So mostly dobers are only suited for Police, Army and Guard works. Dobies are also used as guide dogs for the blind.


They are very elegant in appearance. Dobies are watchful, determined, energetic, fearless, obedient, alert and loyal. Dobies are short coat so it is easy for care. Brushing regularly can avoid shedding at home. They have almond shaped eyes, they have long narrow heads. The Doberman ears are often cropped but many of the owners like dobers by their nature. Dobers looking was always like a graceful giant.


norrbottenspets dog - characteristicsThe Norrbottenspets is such an amicable, easy going pet and he is going to make you a loyal and loving canine companion. He bonds closely with his human family and will be bored and frustrated if left alone day after day in the back yard.

He is social and friendly and wants to be involved with the activities of his family. Feed him well, give him plenty of exercise and give him the love and care he deserves and he will make you an awesome canine companion.


doberman pinscher dog - characteristicsDobermans are individual in personalities. Some dogs are friendly and outgoing; some Dobies are reserved and shy. Some will be more dominant with other dogs it used to chase small dogs and cats. Most of the dobers are soft in character and love companionship with people.


Dobers have high energy level and it requires a lot of exercise in order to avoid harmful behavior to others. We should keep them interested because intelligent dogs are easily got bored. They mostly enjoys only in outing because they will be happy with the people who walks, runs and in bike riding.

Learning Ability

When learning new things they are the best. Dobermans are not able to be a lazy. For many years dobers are the only dogs being excellent as police dogs. Because they are highly active in nature so they are interested in new this for learning.


Dobers are apartment adaptable dogs. They used to bark but are close and friendly to people. At the same time we have to train dobers to welcome the guest also.

Health Problems

norrbottenspets puppies - health problemsThe Norrbottenspets life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years. These dogs are fairly healthy but there are always health concerns with any dog breed.

There are small numbers of the breed which are prone to a genetic condition affecting the brain and the result is poor coordination. It is sad to see because there is no known treatment and some dogs reach the stage where they can’t eat and they can’t control their toilet habits.

Hip Dysplasia:

Dogs with hip dysplasia have an abnormal formation of the hip socket which can lead to arthritis, pain and the inability to get around. It is a genetic trait and you will need to get your pet to the vet for treatment and pain management.

doberman pinscher puppies - health problemsThis breed have chances of getting Cancer, Chronic disease of heart muscle, Thyroidism , Entropion which is called as an eye disease.

Caring The Pet


norrbottenspets dogs - caringYour Norrbottenspet will be requiring a high-quality dog food if you want him to stand the best chances of being healthy. Home made food is always a good choice, but there are also some good commercially manufactured dog foods which are convenient.

You want the food to have the necessary vitamins and minerals to ensure good health. Every dog will love a little bit of raw meat added to his kibble from time to time. Dogs love their meals to be consistent – no exotic, spiced foods to upset the stomach.

Boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta and cooked vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach can be chopped up and added to his kibble occasionally and this makes a splendid tasty treat for your pet.

You want to avoid your dog becoming overweight as this brings on a host of problems. Make sure he always has access to cool, fresh water.


The Norrbottenspets short to medium length coat will need brushing twice a week. They are clean looking dogs and you’ll find that they don’t have an unpleasant dog-smell around them.

Always check his eyes and ears for infections. Also check his teeth. A bad tooth may not be evident but it can negatively impact the immune system and cause illness with your dog.

The nails should also be cut to avoid them hooking on things.


doberman pinscher dogs - caringDobers are mostly come in black, blue, red or fawn. Dobers are low maintenance for grooming. They were clean dogs because they never make a strong dog odor. Using brush in dobers hair for once per week reduces hair fall control. Dobers are not requiring frequent bathing most of the owners are getting bath for 3 or 4 times per year in grooming.

Feeding the puppy

You can feed your puppy 2-3 small meals per day until it was 4 months old. And then have to decrease one meal and two for a day. And often you should not keep food and leave food sitting out all the time. Then after six months needs to stop feeding much vitamins and minerals because it leads a several health problems in his muscle and joints.


This type of dogs should not be tied up alone outside, because it should be manifest itself by barking chewing. The people who are working for a long time should not be adopting this type of dogs. Naturally dobers are well protective to our home and people. At the same time small children must be supervised. At the same time if we are not strict, dobers would be get out of our hand.

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